8 Amazing Facts About Ants That You Need To Know

Facts About Ants – An amazing creature, some scientists believe that the ant can teach us more about our world than we are willing to admit, and the facts about ants speak to this theory.

The complete cooperation, functionality, and efficiency of these tiny social civilizations is miraculous. The survival of the species as a whole is based on this all for one, one for all instinct.

Here are some fascinating facts about ants:

1. Ants do not have ears. They have an extremely advanced sense of vibration, which is picked up through their six legs and gives them an almost radar depiction of sound.

2. The average queen ant lives for up to 6 years, and will produce up to 2 million offspring throughout her lifespan. Should an established queen ant die, the colony will fall to death within weeks.

3. Ants fight to the death. There is no truce option or fleeing away. When a battle is heated enough to get to this level, one or both ants will surely be ended.

4. There are more than 12,000 species of ant known to man. This is a staggering number, as scientists believe that for each of the 2 million species of living organisms documented to date, there are as many as fifteen species who are not yet discovered.

5. Ants do not have lungs. Ants breathe through tiny pores in the exoskeleton. The oxygen is taken in through them, the nutrients are absorbed, and the carbon dioxide released out of the same wholes. In this way, their boney skin is like a thousand tiny lungs, as they process air in the same way we do but with a different organ.

6. Every species of ant is equipped with an advanced pheromone system. This is used for communication of danger, warning, direction, and foraging finds. The pheromone is accepted within their exclusive colonies, and any straggler into the den whose sent doesn’t match will be quickly descended upon.

7. Every species of ant has the unique and astounding ability to lift and carry up to 20 times his weight. If you can’t wrap your mind around this phenomenon, try to imagine a ten year old child walking down the street holding a bull over his head. This is one of the most amazing facts about ants.

8. Ant colonies always begin with a single, fertilized queen. During the mating season, all ant species release their fertilized male and female winged breeders, who will never return to the colony. The males outnumber the females by 100 to 1, and die within days of mating. The females are then meant to start a new colony of their own. Very few succeed, as the survival of a single ant raising a brood is a near impossible task. Only the strongest, luckiest females will become a long-honored queen.

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