10 Amazing Animals that Start with the Letter L

Animals that Start with L – They might not be as prominent as lion, leopard, reptiles, ladybugs as well as llama, but these L animals are wonderful in their very own right. Read on to know more concerning these animals whose names start with the letter L.

1. Langur

animals that start with l : langur
source: elelur.com

Langurs are funny-looking apes extensive in some Southeast Oriental nations like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal as well as Tibet. These long-tailed apes live in woodlands, bushy terrains and also swamps.

Langur has a slim body, long arms, and also black hirsute confront with thick brows. Typical body color includes golden, dark brownish, as well as grey. Adult males are about 2 feet high and consider between 9 to 15 kg.

The tail can rise to a meter long. Langurs are outstanding tree mountain climbers, but are inadequate swimmers. Its diet plan includes fallen leaves, grain, fruits as well as seeds. In the wild, Langur could measure up to 25 years.

2. Lemmings

animals that start with l : Lemmings
source: keywordsuggest.org

One more magnificent L animal to understand is the Lemmings, a tiny rodent that withstands the rough weather of the Polar circle. These mouse-like rats balance concerning 7 to 15 cm in size and also consider in between 30 to 112 g.

Lemmings have soft brown hair, short legs, brief ears, as well as a short tail. A singular animal as well as an herbivore, Lemmings diet consist of leaves, grasses, light bulbs, shoots and also roots. It has a lifespan of 1-3 years.

3. Limpkin

animals that start with l : Limpkin
source: fsuornithology.files.wordpress.com

The Limpkin (known also as “sobbing bird”, “carrao”), is a huge bird inhabiting marshes of Florida as well as Georgia, Puerto Rico as well as Northern Argentina. This marsh bird sporting activities brownish quill mark with white spot.

It has wide wings, long yellow expense, lengthy neck as well as slim lengthy legs. Men, which are a little bigger than females, rise to 70 cm long and evaluate up to 1.1 kg. Limpkin diet regimen includes snails, frogs, bugs, and also various other little aquatic pets.

4. Lilac-breasted Roller

animals that start with l : Lilac-breasted Roller
source: buzzkenya.com

Marvel at how these quick leaflets do their act. With massive wings and also powerful flight, Lilac-breast roller can zoom 10 meters upwards and afterwards with shut wings stroked down at a really quick speed.

Lilac-breast rollers inhabit open timberlands, savannahs, as well as temperate grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa. It has large green head, pinkish-orange face, short neck, whitish chin, and also lilac breast.

Also, it has brownish eyes, black costs, greenish blue belly, short tail and brief yellow-colored legs. Adults typical 36 centimeters long and also weigh 100 g. Lilac-breasted roller’s diet regimen includes beetles, grasshoppers, scorpions, lizards and small amphibians.

5. Loris

animals that start with l : Loris
source: TechGape.com

The funny – looking Loris is a small arboreal primate located in dense forests of Southeast Asia. There are 3 extant varieties of loris specifically: Slow down loris (Nycticebus cougang), Slim loris (Loris tardigradus) as well as the Pygmy loris (N. pygmaeus).

Lorises have thick gray hair, a masked face, rounded ears, large eyes, and slender limbs. A nocturnal primate, lorises spend the day sleeping as well as quest for food at night.

Its diet consists of fruits, birds, tiny amphibians as well as insects. Depending upon the varieties, lorises average from 17-38 centimeters.

Lorises have a lifetime of concerning 25 years or more. Nonetheless, the pygmy loris is noted as a threatened species as a result of environment loss.

6. Lionfish

animals that start with l : Lionfish
source: Phys.org

The lionfish (or the turkeyfish, scorpionfish), is a vibrant fish populating coral reefs along the superficial waters of the Pacific as well as Indian seas. Famous for its red-and-white striped body, lionfish has huge yet laterally compressed body; feathery, fan-like as well as venomous fins.

Lionfish typical 30– 38 cm long and approximately 1.2 kg in weight. The lionfish is a cunning nighttime killer that preys on fish, shrimps and crabs. In the wild, lionfish can measure up to 15 years. A word of caution: If you happen to see a lionfish.

Do not touch it! The poison produced from its dorsal fins is really agonizing to human beings as well as could result in breathing problems.

7. Leonberger

animals that start with l : Leonberger
source: wikipedia.org

The Leonberger is a huge functioning dog that came from Leonberg, Germany. It has a muscular body covered with thick, rugged coat. The coat’s color ranges from reddish brownish, yellow-gold, lotion, to pale yellow.

The big rectangular designed head is covered with black mask. Leonberger has a solid neck, wide upper body, brownish eyes as well as a huge black nose.

Men average 65-81 centimeters tall and also evaluate around 35-50 kg. By nature, the Leonberger is gentle, highly intelligent, faithful, affectionate, brave and also sociable type of dog.

8. Lorikeet

animals that start with l : Lorikeet
source: http://aboutpetlife.com

Lorikeets are arboreal parrots prevalent throughout Australia and also Papua New Guinea. They are little to medium-sized birds understood for their brush-tipped tongues.

Lorikeets make use of these specially-tailored tongues to sip nectars from the blossoms. These vibrant parrots differ in size from 150 to 400 mm. Aside from nectars, Lorikeets additionally prey on tiny bugs and also soft fruits. Lorikeets could live for 7-9 years.

9. Lynx

animals that start with l : Lynx
source: ThingLink.com

A lynx is a long-legged, medium-sized wild feline populating forests of Europe, Canada, the USA and also Asia. This threatened pet cat has a short head, lengthy whiskers, tufted ears, large paws, and also a brief tail.

The fur layer color varies from tawny to cream. Adults could reach 80 to 100 cm long, 60 centimeters at shoulder elevation as well as evaluate in between 10 to 20 kg.

There are four extant species of lynx: the Eurasian Lynx, Canada Lynx, Iberian Lynx as well as the Bobcat. Lynx are carnivores as well as its diet consists of; deer, squirrels, caribou, birds, mice, and other little animals.

10. Least Weasel

animals that start with l : Least Weasel
source: bobhowdeshell.com

The Least Weasel lives in meadows, verdant areas, marshes, woodlands of North Asia, Europe, The United States and Canada, as well as Africa.

The world’s tiniest extant predator, Least Weasel is about 16.5– 24 centimeters long and considers between 35 -250 g. The hair is reddish- brownish in color with a white stubborn belly.

It has a slim body, extended head, short ears, black eyes, and also brief arm or legs. A superb hunter, Least Weasel feeds primarily on rodents, yet likewise looks for bunnies, moles, poultries, as well as small birds.

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