Can Dogs Eat Ham? Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones? Is it Bad For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Ham?

Can Dogs Eat Ham? Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones? Is it Bad For Dogs?

Ham is not recommended for your dog, especially if you want to ensure your pet’s well-being. This is because ham is only an exact slice of pork that has been processed, smoked, wet-cured and preserved and contains a lot of salt.

The issue of giving pork to dogs has been controversial. Just think of what will happen if you bring pork and have it undergo all these procedures and then give it to your dog.

You may think that ham is a great source of protein, which is good for dogs. Some people also think that since the most popular dog food brands focus on protein, they should give it to their dog.

We will discuss why ham is not good for dogs and what you need to follow if you want to make sure that your dog will not experience any negative side effects from the foods you are giving them.

You do not need to worry though because if you follow some rules, you can give your pet a small amount of harm once in a while. We will also discuss this topic later on.

Now, why should you learn all of these? As the owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is getting all the care and love they need. This means ensuring that what they are eating is good for them.

Why You Should Not Give Ham to Your Dog

Here are some of the reasons why you should not feed your pet any ham.

  • High Sodium Levels

Ham contains high sodium levels. It’s not only salty, but can also cause various stomach problems in your pet and sodium toxicity. One of the best things that you can do is to avoid feeding your dog anything that has even a small amount of sodium. Humans may be able to withstand a bit of high sodium levels in the foods we eat without harmful health problems, but that is not the case for dogs. It is a more delicate situation for them.

  • High in Fat

Ham contains a lot of fat, which can lead to a painful and potentially lethal illness in dogs or pancreatitis. It’s one of the common dog ailments seen by veterinarians around holiday season. The large amounts of fat present in ham can expand your pet’s waistline as well, making him obese.

  • Bloated

The high levels of sodium in ham can cause the dog to drink excessive amounts of water and become bloated, which can be lethal to your dog.

Bloating in dogs is more serious than in humans as their stomachs become loaded with lots of gas, which can result in death in a few hours if not treated as soon as possible.

  • Various Diseases

The high amounts of fat and salt in ham can lead to various health problems like heart disease, obesity and hypertension.

  • Digestion Issues

If the reasons stated above are not enough to stop you from giving ham to your dog, you should keep in mind that ham is most likely the hardest meat for dogs to digest.

This will cause stomach upset and diarrhea, which will put your dog in so much pain and discomfort. You don’t want this to happen. After all, you want your dog to stay comfortable and healthy at all times.

Ham may be good for humans to eat, but that is not the case with dogs. This is also the reason why when you look at the some of the best and most popular dog food options today and read their ingredients lists, you will almost never find one that include ham as their main source of meat.

Top rated manufacturers of dog food know that ham is not a good source of meat for dogs. They know that there are much better sources of meat for dogs such as duck, beef, chicken and duck.

These meat options are good and safe for dogs to consume. Moreover, these sources of meat are of higher quality and will benefit your pet in more ways than harm. You may be paying a lot of money for these dog food brands that have these meat types, but it is definitely worth it.

This is because you are spending your money on something that is of high quality and will pay you back in the form of a happy and healthy dog that will stay by your side for a really long time.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Eats Ham?

You need to take your dog to a veterinarian if he eats ham and exhibits diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy and fatigue, significantly increased thirst, seizures and greatly increased frequency of urination.

If you notice these symptoms in your pet and you don’t seek treatment for your dog right away, can possibly go into a coma and die. As such, seeking immediate medical treatment and care is a must if your pet displays these symptoms.

Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones?

Can Dogs Eat Ham? Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones? Is it Bad For Dogs?

It is best that you don’t give your dog any ham bones. This is because the bones can crack and get stuck in the throat of your pet.

Your dog may choke or worse the cracked bones may pierce the intestine or stomach of your dog, which can lead to death.

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