About Fire Ant Bites – Though often referred to as fire ant bites, the burning, itchy blisters left by this tiny insect are actually stings. These bitty insects are quite stealthy, crawling undetected beneath the shirts and pant legs of unsuspecting victims for up to ten seconds before unleashing their fury. The ant holds on

Getting Rid Of Ants – There are natural and chemical options for getting rid of ants, and any combination of them, based on personal preference and safety considerations, should be quite effective. Common household ants include the carpenter, pharaoh, and pavement ants, and the methods for both repelling and killing these ants are close to

The Truth About Sugar Ants – True sugar ants are large, bi-colored ants native to the continent of Australia. They are much more aggressive than the pesky little guys that we refer to as sugar ants, and are prone to shooting an acidic liquid out of their abdomen area toward anything perceived as a threat.

Facts About Ants – An amazing creature, some scientists believe that the ant can teach us more about our world than we are willing to admit, and the facts about ants speak to this theory. The complete cooperation, functionality, and efficiency of these tiny social civilizations is miraculous. The survival of the species as a

How to Take Care a Tarantula for Pet – Tarantulas, one in the earth’s oldest kinds, are exotic along with fascinating. Shy along with rather nervous, that they prefer being quit alone. Handling causes stress- certainly not for humans longing for closeness, but to the spider. Please think again about buying a tarantula should you

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