Different Types of Lilies That You Must to Know

Different Types of Lilies – No matter what kind of flower garden you have, there are types of lilies that will add to its color and beauty.

The two most main types of lilies that are available today fall into two categories–Oriental and Asiatic, with Trumpet Lilies being a close third. Lilies make great border plants around the garden.

Some types of lilies go as far back as 1500 B.C. In the 1800s lilies were abundant in China and Japan, and these were brought back to Europe.

Many of the hybrids from these plants are the parents of the types of lilies we can buy today. Lilies are the number one cut flower in the world. The word lily in Chinese means “forever in love.”

Oriental Lilies

Oriental Lilies are late summer bloomers and particularly fragrant. One of the most popular of the Oriental types of lilies is the “Lilium Stargazer.” It is a dark red and pink and grows well in gardens.

A popular wedding flower is the “Lilium Casa Blanca,” which is white and grows to four feet and taller. Some Oriental Lilies have been crossed with Trumpet Lilies to make new colors. These are known as Orienpets.

“Lilium Robina” is one such cross which is lavender. Another is “Lilium Shocking” which is an Oriental/Trumpet cross that has large yellow flowers with red stripes.

Asiatic Types of Lilies

Asiatic types of lilies are all hybrids that originated with “Asiatic species.” They are early summer bloomers. These flowers come in just about every color fathomable with bright oranges and reds along with many pastel colors.

Most of the Asiatic lilies are four feet tall and under. These include “Lilium Pisa, with flowers that are bright yellow and “Lilium Loreto,” which has many bright orange flowers on each stem.

If you want to try a four-foot variety, take a look at “Lilium Toronto,” which is dark pink with a yellow center.

An Asiatic Lily that has been crossed with the Trumpet Lily is the “Lilium Litouwen,” a hybrid which is pure white and very beautiful as a wedding flower.

When you have chosen the lilies you want to grow, you can decide whether you wish to plant them in the fall or in the spring.

They like cool, moist soil, well-drained so they don’t rot. The best garden spot for all of these types of lilies is where they can get the sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

It is always a good idea to plant the taller lilies, four feet and over, in the back and the shorter ones in front.

Together they will make a dazzling display of color that will continue throughout the summer and into the fall.

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