Useful Information About How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants – Before one determines how to get rid of carpenter ants, it is recommended that they take a quick look into who this enemy is. The carpenter ant runs a standard colony, complete with a queen, workers, winged drones and winged fertile females.

They have storage and larvae cells, as any respectable ant colony would be expected to. But here is where the story goes south: the carpenter ant enjoys searching for, and kidnapping, baby aphids. They hunt through plants in search of these tiny insects, pluck them off of leaves, and carry them home.

Once within the confines of the carpenter ants nest, these baby aphids are taken to their new, specialized cells, where they are fed, groomed, raised, and cared for by the worker ants. Why, you ask? Why, for the sweet secretion that only the aphid can produce, called honeydew.

This is the carpenter ants favorite food, and there are obviously no limits to what they will do in order to have it. Should the aphids reach a stage where they no longer produce honeydew, they themselves will become the next meal. This brings up a strong theory on how to get rid of carpenter ants: kill the aphids, kill the wood gnawing pest.

The most arguable issue with this theory is that carpenter ants are quite diligent when they want something, and simply spraying your private orchards and flower beds will not completely encourage the ants to abandon their comfy post within your walls.

They will travel up to 300 yards for new aphids, making the aphid spray method quite costly and nearly impossible to achieve. On to plan b…

When flustered about how to get rid of carpenter ants, many of the irritated invaded will resort to spraying any ant the see with a pesticide. The chemical compound does kill the ant that it is applied to, and this would seemingly be a good thing.

But for each worker ant that doesn’t return to the colony, the queen will lay ten more eggs to replace him. As you run around killing these ants two by two, she is beefing up the private colony twenty by twenty.

Even the most qualified professional pest control technicians will frown upon spraying if they can’t reach the heart of the nest where the bulk of the population is hiding. On to plan c…

Because most people cannot determine the exact spot of a carpenter ant nest, the best solution to the infestation issue is a 360 degree, self replenishing liquid poison feeder.

Though the poisons administered will only kill the ants that feed directly, their strategic positioning along the known paths of the ants will ensure that the colony will feed on them regularly, and die off fairly evenly. This will subdue any additional damage to the structure of your home, and eventually kick the ants in the bud.

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