How to Paint Rocks: Step by Step

How to paint stones that are good and right? It’s not difficult. Indeed, if we are still a beginner, in the field of stone painting, the result is clear that there will definitely be shortcomings here and there. But remember, practice makes perfect. The more we practice, the more our skill or skill in painting stones increases. Moreover, the steps themselves are actually not as difficult as you think.

Tools and materials

  • Batu (can be ordinary black stone like river stone or river to white kupang stone, what is important can be painted).
  • Acrylic paint and thinner
  • Brush, size varies
  • Fillers or putty
  • Envelop
  • Coating (clear varnish)

Steps for How to Paint a Good and True Stone

Stone Preparation

In this step, wash the stone thoroughly and dry it. Choose the best stone to be painted and according to the design of the painting you want to apply. After that, apply filler or putty to the stone. Sandpaper, wait dry.

Apply putty, wait dry, then sandpaper. For this step, you can also directly use primary without filler first. Oh yes, if you want a stone to be erected, just stick the filler or putty to the base.

Make a Painting Sketch

Because it has been put together, now your stone can be painted in pencil. Make a sketch using the pencil. Remember, if you are a beginner in the field of stone painting, try a motif that is easy to make.


Well, at this step, your stone painting skills will be tested! Use a small brush to apply color to the design you want to apply. For example, the cat painting below. Pay attention to the details, because the results of your work will be determined a lot from these details.

My advice, if you are still a beginner, apliaksikn first simple pictures that are easy to make. For example the application of love images, polka-dot, spiral patterns, and the like.

Clear Varnish

The final step is the clear varnish or varnish application. This step aims to provide coatings on paint applied before. Thus the color will not fade easily.

Clear varnish itself is present in several levels of luster. Some are glossy, matte, and satin. Glossy for a shiny look, satin for a medium luster, and matte for low gloss. Sometimes some clear varnish brands also provide a higher or lower luster, such as super glossy for very shiny and death matt for very low luster. Just choose according to your taste. Once applied, wait for dry and do sanding. If necessary, repeat again so that the surface is smoother.


So it’s easy not to paint the stone above? Come on, try your own practice for garden rocks or river or river around the house. Who knows from this creative activity, you can be an expert in the field of stone painting and can develop a profitable business?

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