All About Mansard Roof: What is, Detail, How to Build, Advantages And Disadvantages

Mansard Roof – Mansard roofs initially ended up being prominent in the 17th century as well as they had several comebacks gradually ever since. This kind of roof was popularized by Francois Mansart and also was at some point called after him.

Nevertheless, he had not been the first one to build a mansard roof. That activity can be attributed to Pierre Lescot who built it in the 1550s as component of the Louvre.

What Mansard Roofs Mean

What Mansard Roofs Mean

The name ‘mansard’ in fact means the attic or room inside the roof structure instead of simply the shape of the roof. As a result of its layout in the exceptionally near to nature of this attic area, a Mansard roof style is an environment-friendly roof layout that is very well respected for its effectiveness too its use space monitoring.

While this isn’t really a design that you commonly find in many modern homes, it does usually entered into the framing of French style building and construction information. There are likewise many individuals that like to select building and constructions today to mimic this appearance from the past.

This style is acquiring more traction today in modern design as well as especially for expansions on houses. Mounting this design of roof can be a superb suggestion for effectiveness along with the future of a renovation.

Mansard roof frameworks are still an ancient building and construction, yet these roofs and also their building information are excellent for getting even more from your house.

Mansard Roof Advantages And Disadvantages

Mansard Roof Advantages And Disadvantages

Mansard roofs wased initially created in Renaissance France, and also thus have a lavish and also empirical aesthetic that other roofs could not equal. Understanding the advantages as well as disadvantages of mansard roofs could aid you make a decision whether or not it is the ideal suitable for your residence.

Advantages of Mansard Roofs

  • Future Additions: Because the very first incline on a mansard roof is so high, it can function as a wall if you ever before choose to build one more flooring on top of your residence. This enables better versatility in the long run, and also makes it less expensive to have such additions done on your home. Therefore, mansard roofs are perfect for young pairs that are looking to increase a family, yet who do not intend to buy a huge house today.
  • Added Space: Even without building an enhancement in addition to your currently existing roof, mansard roofs provide additional space when compared to other sorts of roofs. Due to the fact that all four sides of the roof are considerably sloped in a box shape, it is simple to transform the attic area right into a loft or an extra bedroom if required.

Disadvantages of Mansard Roofs

  • Cost: Mansard roofs set you back even more and take longer to install when compared to other types of roofs. The procedure of constructing a mansard roof is rather complicated, and needs more labor and products when as compared to regular saddleback roofs. This can be too high for homeowners operating under a tight budget plan.
  • Weather Resistance: Mansard roofs are not optimal for locations that receive heavy amounts of rainfall and also snowfall, because the second, level incline on the upper part of the roof does not enable rapid water drainage of overflow. This suggests that large quantities of water can end up standing on your roof, which could cause leakages as well as mold development inside your residence.
  • Maintenance: Mansard roofs call for a lot more upkeep when as compared to standard gable roofs, since the flatter portion of the roof gathers particles much more swiftly and thus is much more vulnerable to damages. Though the maintenance is not necessarily arduous or pricey, it is rather consistent, and also thus could be a hassle that drives up the long term costs of your roof.

Mansard Roof Detail

Mansard Roof Detail

Mansard roofs are, generally, based upon standing joint or batten seam building and construction. The lower ends of the frying pans are generally hooked over a side strip to form a drip. The ends could alternately attach to the base flashing where an adjustment in roof incline happens.

The recommended detail for the top edges of the frying pans is to fold them out the elevation of the batten or standing joint as well as terminate them with a 3/4″ layer. The reduced side of the gravel stop or dealing blinking is after that hooked over this layer.

Special Conditions: Since mansards are naturally made use of on vertical or virtually vertical surfaces, the majority of the special arrangements for low slope standing and also batten seams are not required.

Decorative battens could be added in the same way when it comes to chevron roofs.

If the standing seams or battens are to continue over the top edge of the mansard, unique steps have to be taken. The frying pans ought to be constant over the leading edge.

The upstanding legs of the standing or batten seams have to be slit where they are bent. After bending, tiny items of copper have to be soldered over the legs to bring back connection. The seams are then ended up in the traditional way.

Wood decking Requirements: A continual sheathing substratum is needed, suitable with the roof made use of.

Top of Mansard – Coping Cover

This detail shows a problem where the top of the mansard fulfills a coping cover. The top side of the pans are folded up out to the elevation of the standing or batten joint, then curved down 3/4″. The coping cover is hooked over this side, properly creating a drip.

Top of Mansard – Gravel Stop

The top of a mansard at a gravel stop is shown. The leading edge of the frying pans are treated much like Detail 8.7 A, with the gravel stop involving the folded up frying pan edge.

Base of Mansard

This is a regular condition for the lower edge of a mansard. The bottom side of the frying pans are hooked over the side strip to develop a drip. The horizontal measurement of the side strip need to not exceed 4″ if it is not secured to the soffit.

Modification in Mansard Slope

This detail shows the condition where the bottom of the mansard fulfills an additional roof. At the lower roof, the standing joints are laid flat 8″ from the roof break, folded up 3/4″ and secured with copper cleats spaced 12″ O.C.

Copper securing strips of the exact same weight as the blinking are soldered to the pans in between seams a minimum of 6″ from the roof break and also engage the base flashing in a 3/4″ lock.

At the upper roof, the top side of the base flashing is folded 3/4″ and also protected with copper cleats spaced 12″ O.C. A constant locking strip is soldered to the base blinking and also protects the mansard roof side.

Continual Over Roof Batten Detail

The detail illustrates the setup for batten seams which are constant over the roof. Standing seams under the very same problems are described in a similar technique.

The pans shown are continual from the face of the mansard over the side onto the roof. The upstanding legs of the joints must be slit where they are bent.

After flexing, tiny items of copper have to be soldered to the rear end of these legs. Batten caps are then added in the standard fashion, except that their legs should additionally be slit and firm where they are bent.

How To Build a Mansard Roof

How To Build a Mansard Roof

A mansard roof is an outstanding addition to a home for those wanting to enhance the home on the leading floor or to add to the attic space. Developing a mansard roof at home is a relatively easy job offered one has the right layout, suitable instructions, quality building tools as well as the requisite technical and also hand-operated abilities.
Developing a Mansard Roof

Step 1: Decision Making and Planning

This step includes choosing a blueprint for the roof you want to build, getting in touch with neighborhood authorities to find out the area-specific building codes and also policies, taking care of specialists to learn the intricacies of the structure process, buying all the materials, hiring out labor if the task is excessive to complete alone and taking out an insurance cover to protect versus any kind of problems incurred during the building process.

Step 2: Preparing the Building Site

The primary step in the real structure process is to obtain the area prepared for building. Start by choosing a specific area for all the devices you will need. Use a huge table or section off a section of the yard so that all the products are in one location – conveniently accessible and neatly arranged. Remember to cover all plants and also any kind of devices, components and equipment in the location with tarpaulins or plastic sheets to avoid any kind of damages during the building.

Step 3: Placing the Rafters

Take the typical rafters and also fix them to one ridge board. Utilize the nails to fix them in place. Once this is done, boost the ridge and then use nails to fix the various other rafters right into location also. The outside rafters need to be positioned such that the birdsmouth gets on an airplane with the highest possible plate of the wall. When the specific position has been achieved, make use of nails to tighten up the rafters right into location. The exact same procedure needs to be executed on the 3 staying sides.

Step 4: Remaining Common Rafters

The common rafters left over from the third step currently have to be taken care of into place. They also have to be nailed right into area to ensure a limited and also safe positioning.

Step 5: Ceiling Beams as well as Sheathing

The ceiling beam of lights need to be taken care of with treatment. Usage toenails to secure them into area as well as guarantee they typically aren’t loose to ensure that there is no damage later on. After this has been done, cover the area with the sheathing.

Step 6: Upper Extension

The raised prolonged region that creates the top expansion of the mansard roof needs to be constructed making use of upright rafters. These vertical rafters have to be placed within the boundaries of the ridge board. Usual rafters need to be made use of on both the within and the outside of this structure to provide it toughness as well as assistance.

Step 7: Sheathing and Shingling

Use collar ties as well as fascia for the roof prior to the sheathing procedure can begin. The sheathing product has to be affixed to the typical rafters making use of nails. Areas where there are valleys and vents ought to be covered utilizing flashing. Then has actually been done, one ought to lay the undercoating material over the entire surface area and after that cover it with the roof shingles.

Mansard Roof Design Tips

The mansard roof was produced by Francios Mansart, a famous 17th century designer, who was wanting to add extra room to the top of a home.

He was successful in producing a dual-pitched roof that would certainly allow for a whole flooring of living space over the cornice line of a house or other building, without really adding to the technological number of levels in the framework.

A mansard roof is commonly less costly to develop than any other roof style because framework is not needed. The unique Mansard roofs have 2 inclines on each of the 4 sides of the roof line.

Dormer windows are generally seen on the lowest inclines, which are steeper than the greater slopes. Most mansard roofs are made with roof shingles or slate. There are 3 particular mansard roof layouts available, discussed below with ideas for every design.


A concave design mansard roof will contour in, or is often flared. Several of these roofs will certainly have a high angle on the bottom slope.

The concave mansard roof was incredibly popular in the 19th century, especially the 2nd fifty percent, as well as could be seen on large buildings as well as mansions.

Since the top of a mansard roof is level, hefty snow build-up can cause fractures, which will certainly leakage, as well as lots of rain can trigger water to pool as well as erode the roof.

The most effective thing for a house owner with a concave mansard roof to do is to examine the roof extensively for damages a minimum of annually. Repair any damages promptly to make sure that it does not worsen and trigger much more costly damages.


The convex design of mansard roof describes the outside curve on the reduced incline. Convex mansard roofs could be formed like the letter S, or may have a bell form.

Both of these shapes, as well as convex mansard roofs of all types, enable even more interior roof area without having to add an added level to the building. Mansard roofs with convex shaping are typically located on courthouses with expensive towers.

If your residence has a convex mansard roof, remove any type of tree branches that come within 5 feet of the perimeter of your house, and all branches that hang over the roof.

This way, no tree branches will fall onto the level roof. If one does, it can sit there for a while until you can eliminate it, as well as it could trigger damages to the roof.


A straight mansard roof has a slight incline on the top panel that is not usually visible at ground level. These roofs are designed to feature dormer windows in the slower incline, which could in some cases be almost vertical.

These dormers offer ventilation, light, and additional indoor room. One drawback to having a straight mansard roof is that the weight of snow could cause splits, which will certainly create leaks from the roof’s surface.

When fixing an old roof, attempt and also bring the original item to the shop with you. Sometimes things are not made, so you will intend to have the ability to match it to existing items to obtain the closest match as possible.

Modern Mansard Roof

Modern Mansard Roof

While a lot of the older design mansard roof design jobs utilized hefty products along with non-resistant materials, the conversions that you could do today can include information that are much more modern.

By utilizing specialized products and high quality insulation, you could commonly develop a mansard roof that is developed to last far much better compared to other roofing designs.

This roof design is a possession to a building. Rather than needing to stress over parts falling off rusting out, you can just delight in modern design components that function quite possibly for the future of your residence or business.

Today’s building contractors are utilizing a few of the styles that we’ve seen in turn-of-the-century buildings and integrating them right into new residence builds.

Instead of needing to rely upon conversions, there are many builders that now produce houses and floor plans that consist of functional room with mansard roof designs.

For building midsize homes, these modern layouts additionally work at making brand-new builds much more cost effective for property owners.

Mansard interiors

As currently mentioned, due to the fact that the mansard roof has this distinct framework and also layout, it changes the attic into an additional floor for the structure, allowing it to be completely functional as well as inhabitable. There are, naturally, a few design-specific information connected to the interior and the numerous interesting ways in which it could be organized and also used.

Modern Mansard Roof interior

The inclines of a mansard roof are not as abrupt as when it comes to an angled roof for instance which indicates a more spacious and also open layout.

Modern Mansard Roof interior

This hut has an additional flooring under its mansard roof. It has a wooden ceiling with subjected beams as well as windows that let in natural light. .

Modern Mansard Roof interior

A lot of apartment buildings nowadays have mansards. This enables the apartment or condos on the top floor to be transformeded into loft spaces or to create an independent brand-new flooring with different houses.

Mansard Roof interior design ideas

In addition to the windows, an area positioned in the mansard of a building can likewise gave skylights.

Modern Mansard Roof interior

There are lots of uses for mansard areas. They could be truly great as well as comfy living spaces with comfy sectionals, couches and also armchairs however they could likewise function as offices. located on bo-design.


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