Ant Traps: How To Build Details On Ant Traps

how to build ant traps

Ant Traps – On the subject of ant traps, there are both the homemade and store bought varieties, and the choices that you make regarding the infestation within your own home is a matter of personal preference. Those with small children or household pets, and who merely have issues with the harmless scavenger species of … Read more

The Truth About Sugar Ants

the truth about sugar ants

The Truth About Sugar Ants – True sugar ants are large, bi-colored ants native to the continent of Australia. They are much more aggressive than the pesky little guys that we refer to as sugar ants, and are prone to shooting an acidic liquid out of their abdomen area toward anything perceived as a threat. … Read more

Things You Should Know About Pet Snakes

Things You Should Know About Pet Snakes

About Pet Snakes – The scaly, legless friends are one of the most misrepresented and most pathologically feared creatures on the planet. Out of both thousand odd types of snakes existing, less than 20 percent tend to be venomous. People come with an instinctive fear of those creatures that dates back for thousands associated with … Read more