5 Best Painted Stairs Ideas For Your Modern Home

As you know that in designing a house you have to really plan what space you want to have in the house. In addition to the types of rooms, the layout and shape of each room must also be considered carefully.

After thinking about the basic aspects, then the next thing you should think about is the access to each room. Usually for a single-floor house making access is not too complicated because you can make various easy access.

But for a multi-floor house, one of the main accesses you have to provide is a ladder or stairs. Therefore in this article, we will discuss some painted stairs ideas that you can try.

But before discussing painted stairs ideas that you might be able to apply in your dream home, then the first thing that must be discussed is about some types of stairs in the house.

Types of Stairs

So in building stairs as access in your home, you will not choose the wrong one later. Here are some types of stairs that are distinguished based on their shape and function, including:

1. Stepladder with cushion

Is one of the most suitable forms of stairs for use in homes that use a modern minimalist theme. Because this ladder has a design that can be folded and tends to be very slim.

In homes in western countries, this type of ladder is usually used as access to the uppermost room or attic of the house. In addition, this ladder has a handle on the side that is used as a safety.

2. Basic stair

It is the most common staircase design found in every house building. The shape is very basic because it only consists of one main staircase that is directly connected to the other floors of the house.

Usually, these stairs are easier and faster in the manufacturing process.

3. Extension ladder

It is one of the ladder designs that is rarely found because it can consist of several sets of stairs. Basically, this type of ladder consists of a series of main ladders which are equipped with additional ladder piled up.

So if needed, the stairs can be pulled to reach a certain room. In order to function properly, this type of ladder usually uses a pulley.

4. Scaffolding ladder

This staircase design is usually used for narrow bedroom areas. In general, this ladder is located on the side of the bed to go to a higher room in the bedroom such as a study room.

This design is indeed very unique and can give the impression of a very minimalist modern.

How to Paint Stairs

After knowing several types of stairs that are distinguished based on their shape, then the next thing you should know is about the correct way of painting the stairs.

So that later when you decide to apply certain painted stairs ideas, then you will not go wrong in painting.

This is very important for you to understand because the wrong painting step will actually make the colour of the paint not optimal and easily fade.

Here are a few easy steps to painting the stairs that you can apply :

1. First Step

The first step is to pay attention to the area around the stairs. The painting process will certainly not be as neat as you might think.

Because liquid-shaped paint can easily hit home furniture around the stairs or the floor of your house.

Therefore you can close the area around the stairs before starting the painting process with a newspaper or thick plastic sheet.

2. Second Step

The second step is to pay attention to the surface of the stairs. Before you start painting, pay attention when there are nails that stick outward.

Use a hammer to tap nails about 2 to 3 mm in the direction of the ladder and cover them with wood putty. In addition, if your ladder uses lacquer wood material, you can make the wood surface rough by using sandpaper.

It aims to make the new paint easier to stick to the wood surface so that the color will be better. After that do not forget to clean the surface of the stairs with a wet cloth to remove dust.

3. Final Step

The final step is the painting process. Be sure to always provide coating paint before applying colored paint. After the coating paint is dry, you can apply the main paint from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

When finished, let the first coat of paint dry for 6 to 8 hours. Then repeat the painting process until you get the color consistency.

Painted Stairs Ideas

After knowing the type of stairs and also how to paint the correct stairs, then there are some painted stairs ideas that you can try, including:

1. Ombre Stairs

Image Source: addisonswonderland.com

Painting stairs with ombre colors are suitable for the design of stairs that are located in isolated areas, for example, the stairs used for the attic area of the house.

You can apply bright colors such as sea blue or green so that the stairs look more alive and free of the stuffy impression.

Be sure to do a number of color tests so that the ombre color produced exactly as you want.

2. Rainbow Stair Risers

Image Source: pinterest.com

This cheerful color paint is very suitable for those of you who have toddlers at home. Because most children are afraid to climb stairs because they are considered high so that they easily fall.

But you can teach children to be brave by applying rainbow color paint. So that children will be interested in climbing stairs while learning various colors.

3. Geometric Stairs

Image Source: pinterest.com

It is a paint pattern that uses a very interesting geometric pattern to decorate your home. This type of paint pattern is very suitable to be applied to homes that have a unique and minimalist style.

Besides the pattern on the stairs also makes the atmosphere of the house become more alive and not excessive in terms of interior design.

4. Faux Runner Paint

Image Source: sndimg.com

Using carpets in every step is indeed chosen by some people. Because this method is considered easier and simpler, but it certainly becomes troublesome when you have to clean the carpet on each step.

Therefore the right solution is to paint the stairs resembling a carpet pattern. So it’s easier but you still get the luxurious and neat effect that is produced by using carpet on the stairs.

5. Black and White Top Stairs

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you want to create a female impression but keep it simple on the steps of the house, then you can apply this black and white paint pattern.

Black paint is used only for the top of the stairs while the white is for the bottom of the stairs. This paint pattern will give a neat but luxurious impression to your minimalist home.

So this article about painted stairs ideas, hopefully, can provide useful information for you.

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