10 Awesome Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes

Privacy fence is now one of the best formal neighborhood fence styles. But with repeated fencing yard after yard can make it look a bit monotonous. These days there are plenty of privacy fence ideas available in the market. You can consider the followings to be a good privacy fence idea.

Innovative Privacy Fence Ideas

1. Basic Privacy Fence

A standard fence typically measures 6 feet in height and has tightly-fitted boards. For a smooth and even appearance the top is smooth. If you want to have a dynamic pattern along the top then you can try dog-eared boards. This privacy fence idea is mostly preferred by people.

2. Picture Frame fence

This is a more decorative variation of privacy fencing. The framing has additional opportunities and charm for customization. You can choose board height and number of boards per frame. You can attach a picture frame fence.

3. Lattice Top Fence

It is a typical variation on privacy fencing, with a decorative lattice along the top. To give a semi-privacy effect, creative owners can incorporate lattice section into the body. Narrow section of lattice can be used as the frame in the picture frame fence or can alternate lattice sections with boards.

4. Good Neighbor Fence

It is another attractive privacy fence idea. It has boards stick alternately to each side of the rails instead of featuring boards attached to one side of the rails. You can use your own idea to by widening or narrowing the gaps between the boards.

5. Semi-Privacy Fence

Owners who want to have partial privacy without feeling closed can choose semi-privacy fence. They are usually shorter than the typical fencings, having small spaces between the boards. You can have your own design by adjusting the board height and gap width. Thin and tall boards placed with a gap of ½ to ¾ inch in this design are common in semi-privacy fencing techniques. The slotted effect will create a more open look and the height will build the illusion of extra privacy.

How to Install Privacy Fence

Installing a privacy fence around your house will provide you the much needed privacy, and shelter from stray animals. You have wide variety of options to install your fence depending of the budget and aesthetic value. First, check with your local building department to see if a permit is required for your fence. Most likely, it won’t be, but the department will also provide you with important information like height specifications and set-back distance.

There are many material options when it comes to fencing, from wood to metal to plastic. Many manufacturers rate their pressure-treated wood to last up to 40 years. The pine pickets featured here are attractive on both sides; this will likely help score points with the people next door — a good neighbor fence. Don’t worry too much about figuring out how much material you’ll need. Just take the exact (and accurate) dimensions of your property to the experts at the lumberyard — they’ll figure out the right amount for you.

Steps to Install Privacy Fence

installing privacy fenceFind post locations: Observe the perimeter of the area where fence has to be erected. Level the ground and mark post corners. The spacing between each hole should be 8 feet.

1. Drill holes

Dig holes on the ground and height should be 1/3 or ΒΌ of the fence.

2. Fill with gravel

Fill the holes with gravels to ensure water retention and your fence does not rot.

3. Installation of posts

Install 4*4 posts on the holes dug on the ground. Tie a string on the corner of post locations. This ensures your posts are aligned on the line.

4. Set the concrete

Ensure you have the optimum height and thickness before you set the concrete. Mix the concrete with water as per manufacturer’s instructions. Prod the mixture with stick to avoid air bubbles and seal the hole with concrete. Wait till 24 to 48 hours for the concrete to settle.

Building and Installing Privacy Fence

Consider the following steps to build the fence:

  1. Cut the rails from the boards, it has to be aligned perpendicular to the board, and remaining board should be attached to the corner of the fence
  2. Create a rail frame to fit the rails. Mark the places on the frame where you require the rails to fit. Rail frame and rails should resemble the letter T
  3. Fit the frame in between the posts using screws
  4. Attach the outside pickets or slats using nails into the rails and then attach the board on the inside of the fence to cover the gaps

Diy Privacy Fence

Beautify your backyards with Diy Privacy fence

A backyard decorated with Diy Privacy fence will protect your home from strangers and animals, and you stay inside comfortable. These kind of fences are very easy to install; casted with various sources like wood, string or any metal of your choice.

Wooden Diy Privacy fence is the most commonly used, and it adds beauty to one’s backyard. Depending on your need, you can increase or decrease the height of such diy privacy fence while casting.

Suggested DIY Fence Dimensions

To have a better shielding, many posts should be installed around the perimeter of the area to be fenced. The optimum spacing between each post should be 8 feet so as to avoid the fence from slipping. The strength of a diy privacy fence is directly proportional to the number of posts used to build.

More the posts, it will shield your house from the wind. Three horizontal wooden blocks of 2* 4 size or 2* 6 size should be used to support each post from sagging. Apart from wood, diy privacy fences are casted from materials like aluminium, bricks, bamboo etc.

Diy privacy fencing is the best option as it is cost effective and enhances the beauty of your backyard. The raw materials for diy privacy fencing is easily available and they stand for a longer duration.

Best Privacy Fence Ideas

1. The Shutter Fence

Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

2. Classic White Fence

Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

3. Privacy Pickets

Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

4. Horizontal/Vertical Boards

Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

5. Slatted Wood Fence

Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

6. Bamboo Privacy Fence

Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

7. Modern Gabion Wall

Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

8. Stone security fence

Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

9. Rustic red wooden fence

Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

10. Patio fencing

Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Residential Homes #profacyfence #fenceideas

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