Simple Ways To Getting Rid Of Ants That You Need To Know

Getting Rid Of Ants – There are natural and chemical options for getting rid of ants, and any combination of them, based on personal preference and safety considerations, should be quite effective.

Common household ants include the carpenter, pharaoh, and pavement ants, and the methods for both repelling and killing these ants are close to the same.

With the exception of the carpenter ant, who may need a little extra shove toward the door, the common household ants are dealt with in the same way.

There are popular ant food poisons, or sweet baits, which usually are purchased as a disk or as a liquid that users will pour onto a small block of cardboard.

The key poison component is Borax, and these are designed to coax the ant in with their strong, sweet odor, be tasty enough for the ants to ingest, and slow-acting enough to allow the ants time to take the poison back to the rest of the colony.

The trouble with these poisons is that the user is to place them in areas where the ants were last seen, which usually include corners by garbage cans and on countertops.

In other words, out in the open, where they are easily accessible by children and pets. Borax can be toxic to children and small animals, so this choice for getting rid of ants is best left to your discretion.

Disinfecting is always in favor, though experts suggest that those with recurring ant problems use a mild white vinegar instead of bleach products.

Though bleach does kill all odor causing bacteria and sterilizes any left over food particles, the smell of the bleach itself does not detour the ants. On the other hand, the scent of vinegar is repulsive to ants, and this effect is a lasting one.

Replacing your usual floor cleaning products and disinfectant sprays with a touch of vinegar will help your cause immensely. Pour a little bit of vinegar in your clean sink, as well as around the outside perimeter of your house.

If you need to leave dishes in your sink overnight, remember to rinse them thoroughly and turn them upside down. Frequently sweeping any crumbs or food debris off of the floor will help, as well as investing in a hand held vacuum for quick, complete expulsion of crumbs and hard to control messes like granulated sugar on countertops and in corners.

Getting rid of ants is never an overnight process, and usually entails a change in daily routine for the entire household. Once the ants have pegged your home as a spot for easy pickings, it can be very hard to convince them otherwise.

The heavy foraging season for ants is usually between the months of May thru September, and this is the time when your diligence counts.

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