All About Syrian “Teddy Bear” Hamster : House, Care, Toy, Feeding, Lifespan

Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster – The Syrian hamster is just one of the most charming small pets that numerous American families like. These hamsters are additionally widely called Golden Hamsters or Teddy Bear Hamsters (the long-haired selection) as well as are most likely the most prominent hamster varieties maintained as pet dogs.

As a result of their accommodating nature, it is extremely easy to handle these fantastic animals. Also kids could conveniently handle these animals with no headache. Nonetheless, these animals are not as social as pets or pet cats.

After they reach the age of 4 to 5 weeks, they need to be maintained alone in separate cages. If you are elevating greater than one hamster, then buy different cages for them. Syrians are solitary and also might kill or seriously hurt each other if they are united.

These pets are nocturnal in nature. Hence, it is very unusual to see them energetic during the day. The Syrian hammy is just one of the largest hamsters with an average length of 4 ″ – 7 ″ at their totally grown age. However, the dimension might vary depending on the sex of the pet.

In this instance, females generally grow larger compared to the males. These hamster selections have a really short tail, small eyes, and also large cheek bags. Based on studies, the ordinary lifetime of a Syrian could differ anywhere from 2 to 2-1/2 years.

Nevertheless, some family pet proprietors assert that their hamsters have lived as long as 4 years and the current globe document is for 4.5 years.


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After reaching 4 to 5 weeks of age, Syrians ought to be kept alone in separate cages. These are solitary pets besides. Although you may see some dog breeders maintaining more than one hamster in a single cage, you need to constantly keep them in separate cages for their safety and security.

Once these hamsters get to the 4 weeks old, they start squabbling, which might lead to nasty battles. Family pet owners need to consider getting large cages for these animals. As these hamsters are fairly energetic, they require enough area to move around.

A number of branded pet product producers offer special cages for Syrians. Also the cages meant for large rats appropriate for these hamsters. Glass containers with mesh lids are also ideal for these hairy animals and Do It Yourself plastic bin cages are also prominent among seasoned owners.

Pet dog proprietors need to additionally think about creating a nest to allow these animals to sleep in conveniently. Aspen, hay, and also paper-based beddings are best for this function. Nevertheless, hay can carry termites. Developing a nest with paper tissues is additionally ideal for these hamsters.

Cotton woollen nesting material is not suitable for these animals, since it could cause impactions in the hamster’s cheek pouches. Occasionally, hamsters encounter choking as well as clog as they ingest these cotton woollens.
A huge hideout made from plastic, ceramic, or timber can also be offered.

Toys and Petting

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster

Breeders commonly suggest animal proprietors to give lots of attention to their Syrian hammy. These cute animals come to be extremely near to their proprietors. To avoid your hamster being dissatisfied, you could provide him a number of playthings.

Tires, wooden log rolls, cardboard boxes, as well as tubes, as well as grain boxes are a few of the most effective toys. Proprietors could also examine at their regional pet shops to discover a great choice of devices for their little pet dogs.

Syrians are social as well as accommodating, especially with their owners. When they are well-handled as well as pleased, they react well to regular handling. It is really uncommon to see a Syrian biting, without factor.

They are additionally not vulnerable to urinating, or excreting much outside their cage. You can additionally permit your youngsters to take care of these cute family pets on their own once they have actually been educated the best ways to correctly communicate with their little hairy chum.


fact of syrian teddy bear hamster

Raising these pet dogs is additionally easy when it comes to the type of treatment they require and also considering their food and also bed linen prices. These pets consume much less and also are quickly satisfied with their diet plan.

Their omnivorous diet plan includes vegetables and also meats. A lot of their diets consist of seeds, lawns, as well as some insects. You can check for good-quality hamster food mix for your pet.

Proprietors can likewise consider including a small section of well prepared hen or difficult boiled egg white in their diet plan occasionally. Stay clear of giving acidic food to your Syrians.

Several of the very best food selections for these animals consist of broccoli, kale, cucumber, and carrot, cauliflower, dandelion leaves as well as apple. If your hamster is pregnant or nursing, you can offer some milklike porridge, chopped hard boiled eggs as well as clambered egg.

A listing of ideal fresh food could be found below (while the checklist was developed initially for dwarf hamsters, it can also be utilized for Syrians). Sometimes, you can use your hamster a dog biscuit.

Lifespan of a Teddy Bear Hamster

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster

The ordinary life expectancy for a teddy bear hamster is a couple of years. It is possible, but rare, for these animals to live as long as five years. Teddy bear hamsters are usually weaned from their moms when they are in between 3 weeks as well as 4 weeks old.

These hamsters maturate when they have to do with 4 months old. The truth is, generally the factor that identifies a hamster’s life span is the high quality of care he receives.

Veterinary Care

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Hamsters need veterinary like guarantee they remain healthy and balanced as well as live as long as possible. If you believe your hamster is ill or you discover indications of illness such as looseness of the bowels, lethargy, weight loss, plain eyes, pale gums, a matted layer or a runny rose, you ought to call your tiny pet vet for treatment alternatives.

Hamsters can go downhill extremely swiftly when they end up being unwell, so it is very important to earn on your own knowledgeable about just what is typical actions and appearance for your hamster.

Daily time in your hands will both make this recognition apparent and construct the bond with your teddy, that craves his human’s affection however not always that of others.

Are Teddy Bear Hamster Good Family Pets?

fact of syrian teddy bear hamster good pets

Although some of their attributes make them great pet dogs for many individuals, other aspects could not be just what you’re seeking.

Think about the needs of hamster treatment and their general habits to determine whether a teddy bear hamster is appropriate for you and your family.

Solitary Creatures

Teddy bear hamsters are singular animals, spending a lot of their time in their cage. If you desire numerous pets in one cage, teddy bear hamsters typically aren’t for you; they have to live alone.

An alternative would be dwarf hamsters, that can live in same-sex pairs if they’ve been together from birth or very early on. If you actually desire sociability, however, hamsters typically aren’t a fantastic selection.

Think about mice or rats, friendlier small rats with similar lifespans. You could hand-tame as well as take care of a teddy bear hamster, as well as in time he may pertain to like being taken care of and also petted, yet they never ever end up being particularly affectionate.

Likewise, teddy bear hamsters spend most of the day sleeping. They don’t get ready for activity up until after sundown, and also they actually obtain relocating the middle of the night.

This is sometimes irritating for people trying to find daytime firm, as well as for those easily bothered by the noise of a workout wheel at 3 a.m. At dawn, teddy bear hamsters start unwinding for going to bed.

Not for Small Children

Are you taking into consideration a teddy bear hamster for a kid? The entire sleeping-all-day thing is not usually appreciated by children. They’re likely to wake your hamster throughout the day; that wouldn’t cultivate any kind of bonding, and it might bring about bites.

A lot of kids are sent out to bed shortly after hamsters wake up, providing little chance for interaction. Additionally, hamsters should be managed gently. They’re skittish around unexpected or rough movements and also loud sounds; they might also attack.

The Humane Society of the USA recommends not getting a hamster for a youngster below 8, since kids typically do not have the fine electric motor skills as well as self-restraint needed to securely take care of a teddy bear hamster.

Furthermore, children’s underdeveloped immune systems are more prone to salmonella as well as various other bacteria as well as illness generally lugged by hamsters. These are likewise of problem for pregnant ladies and also individuals with suppressed immune systems.


Your teddy bear hamster could remain tucked in her cage by herself a lot of the moment, however she still includes duties. Some of them should be taken care of everyday.

You’ll require a hamster cage, commercial hamster food, an upside down water bottle, a food recipe, aspen or paper bedding, a couple of playthings, appropriate products for chewing, a solid workout wheel, a hamster home and also a playpen – at the minimum.

Then there are the standard care requirements: Feed your teddy bear hamster regarding 1 tablespoon of food and offer fresh water daily. Everyday, adjustment dirtied bed linen and also remove droppings.

Weekly, change all the bed linen and also thoroughly tidy the cage, food recipe, toys as well as tunnels. Since teddy bear hamsters have longer hair compared to various other kinds, make certain no feces are adhered to her layer; delicately get rid of any kind of you locate.

Allow your hamster concerning half an hour of out-of-cage time in a safe playpen every evening. Supplement her diet with a morsel of hamster-safe fresh fruit or veggies each day.

If this sounds like a suitable degree of minimal care for your demands and also schedule, a teddy bear hamster might be a good family pet.

Various other Characteristics

Although teddy bear hamsters aren’t the most friendly rodents, they still require some interest everyday. You must handle them and speak to them for at the very least a bit every night, after your family pet awakens and has her breakfast.

When well cared for, teddy bear hamsters normally live 2.5 to 3 years. If you’re searching for a relatively brief commitment, a teddy bear hamster could be a good family pet.

However, if you would certainly be getting one for a kid, take into consideration whether you desire him to experience the death of the family pet within the next 2 to 3 years.

Teddy bear hamsters require substantially much less vet care compared to many kinds of animals. But when they do reveal indicators of disease, they need that care immediately. They are significantly prone to capturing breathing illnesses from human beings.

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