Catfish Facts – In order for you to learn more about this mysterious fish, there are some catfish facts you need to consider. The Catfish is a freshwater fish which is named after the barbells around its mouth that resembles the whiskers of a cat. There are thousands of known species of catfish, and some

Guinea Pig Facts – As cute, cuddly and easily manageable as they are, there are many important guinea pig facts out there that every pet owner should pay attention to in order to secure a happy and healthy life for their guinea pig. What Are Guinea Pigs? A guinea pig is also known as a

Fact About Snake – The snake is a reptile which is elongated in form, and belongs to the suborder known as Serpentes. Just as is the case with all the other reptiles, there are scales all over the body of the snake. Each and every snake is a carnivore, and the distinguishing factors between a

Facts About Orcas – Most of us have seen the killer whale on the documentary shows slicing through the water with incredible beauty, size and grace. This magnificent mammals actually belong to the dolphin family rather than the whale family. These behemoths are incredibly cool, and are some of the smartest mammals on the planet.