Top 8 Different Types of Beagles You Should to Know

Types of Beagles – According to the American Kennel Club, there are only two different, recognized types of beagles, the 13 inch and the 15 inch. There are however, various hybrids that have resulted from beagle breeding. Beagles are classified as a hound dog and they have been used in hunting since the 1500s.

Different Types of Beagles

1. 13 Inch And 15 Inch Beagles

Different Types of Beagles

These types of beagles are the same whether they are 13 inches or 15 inches. The only variation is their height. Tri-color is the most common color pattern, being black, red and white. There are other color combinations though such as red and white, white and lemon, silver or khaki.

The most familiar characteristic is their drooping long ears and their extra large brown eyes. Their ears should be checked often for any infection, as any breed with long ears tend to have more problems than those that have erect ears. The coats on these traditional types of beagles are easy to care for with an occasional bath and daily brushing, making them fairly low maintenance pets.

2. The American Eagle

Different Types of Beagles

These types of beagles are a result of a beagle and an American Eskimo dog breeding together. Their coat is either white or mostly white with cream markings. Also, their skin is a gray or pink color while their gums, eyelids, footpads and nose should be black.

The American Eagle has a fairly heavy coat around the neck area that can almost appear mane like and they are pretty average in the shedding department.

They do have a thick double coat but as long as you brush it daily, it should alleviate any matting problems. Also, they need to have attention given to their eyes and have the area cleaned often.

3. The Sharp Eagle

Different Types of Beagles

This is a pretty new beagle hybrid that is created from the beagle and the shar pei. These types of beagles boast almost no grooming, an extremely playful demeanor and longevity. They are medium-sized and generally get their coloring from the shar pei side, presenting a nice tan coat.

4. The Poogle

Different Types of Beagles

A beagle and a poodle mate and the result is an adorable designer breed called a poogle. They do have wavy hair that will require some attention since their coat tends to have more poodle characteristics. They are intelligent, easy to train, have plenty of energy and make wonderful pets.

5. The Peagle

Different Types of Beagles

The result of breeding a beagle and a pekingese are hybrid beagles called peagles that come in an array of colors with a long life and a charming personality. These dogs are very mischievous but very entertaining. Additionally, they will require a good daily brushing as their coat takes the pekingese characteristic traits.

6. The Labbe

Different Types of Beagles

The labbe hybrid breed, created by a beagle and a Labrador make for fabulous hunters, boasts exceptional health and are extremely affectionate and wonderful family dogs. They tend to look primarily like the Labrador, only smaller.

7. The Bogle

Different Types of Beagles

A beagle and a boxer may seem strange to breed but these types of beagles are phenomenal. They are fiercely loyal, extremely intelligent, affectionate and a snap to train. Bogles are very low maintenance but they will enjoy a quick daily brushing to take care of any dander or shedding.

8. The Puggle

Different Types of Beagles

These are the most popular beagle hybrid, stemmed from a beagle and a pug. They are small, absolutely adorable and loving. They have less breathing problems than a traditional pug and less ear problems than a purebred beagle. Puggles are exceptional pets and gaining popularity as word spreads about what a great personality they really do have.

There are various types of beagles that are hybrids and many more are expected to appear. The beagle is a great species known for their intelligence and loyalty so it is not surprising that breeders are constantly finding new varieties of this species to offer.

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