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Different Types of Guppies In The World

Types of Guppies – They may be found in any store that sells fish and come in a selection of shapes and colors. In terms of the categories, there are guppies, retained for displaying their exquisite colours, and feeder guppies like cichlids, Piranhas, and others.

Guppy Species

According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, guppies are a part of the Poeciliidae family. In this family, you’ll find:

Poecilia reticulata – This is actually the frequent guppy, and that title is widely recognized as the correct name for the species, though it’s occasionally known as Poecilia (Lebistes) reticulatus by some taxonimists.
Poecilia wingei – This is also referred to as the Endler guppy. It is closely associated with the guppy and able to hybridize with it although amateurs believe each species ought to be preserved pure. They’re readily available, although these fish aren’t found as frequently as the guppy.
Micropoecilia picta – This really is really a part of the Poeciliidae household that resides in waters.

An Overview of Different Types of Guppies

Guppies have been a favorite of hobby breeders for decades, and lots of different types have been developed through the years. These “types” are also known as “strains” by hobby breeders when a specific set of characteristics begins to breed true.

When you begin to blend and match all the probable characteristics that are observed in these fish, it’s easy to understand why there is this incredible variety to select from.

Color – Including fin color in addition to body colour, since both may differ.
Pattern – since both can change This includes tail layout in addition to body pattern.
Fin type – There are several distinct fin types that you are able to view in the chart below.

#Guppy Colors

Males are more brightly colored than females, a primary distinguish between different genders.

Metal Guppies obtain their metallic colors from pigmented cells. These cells reflect the colour of their surroundings instead of getting their good colour and create an iridescent effect.
Solid Colored Guppies are the strain with blues, greens, reds, and yellows being the most available. This class also includes the recently developed Moscow strains (like Moscow greens or Moscow purples), where fish are of the exact same good color, however their bodies are very large and sturdy.
Albino Guppies are known with their red eyes and too little melanin. They come in many colors, especially reds and yellows.

1. Albino Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Albino Guppy shows the recessive albino phenotype feature. This characteristic shows the absence of melanin that is black in addition to red eyes. This kinds of Guppies can seem in several colors.

There is a Red Albino Delta and also Storage tank course and also any other coloured Albino delta will definitely be gone into at the AOC ( Other Color) class.

Expectant females should be placed individually in a container since lately birthed children have poor vision as well as can be eaten.

2. AOC (Any Other Color) Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The AOC color course covers all types which do not fit in any one of the several colour IFGA delta color classes.

3. AOC BiColor Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The AOC Bicolor course (some other Color Bicolor) covers all bicolor kinds that do not match in Blue Green or Red bicolor courses. A bicolor must have a base colour and also the color should go 25 percent of their color. Both colours ought to stand out.

Nothing else 3rd colour that is much more that 15 percent has to be current or it’d took into account a multi-colored Guppy. The dorsal needs to match exactly the colour and pattern at the tail.

4. Blue Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

Heaven Guppy changes from a sky blue to a dark blue. Females will surely show blue highlights in their fins.

5. Blue Green BiColor Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Blue Green BiColor Guppy can be located in several kinds. Blue, Green, or Blue-Green needs to be the predominate color over the second colour in the tail. The dorsal ought to match the same color and pattern at the tail.

A Blue Green Bicolor should get as well as the secondary colour should go to the very least 25 percent of the tail shade. Both colors need to stand out. Nothing third colour that is a lot more that 15\% has to be current or it would certainly considered a multi-colored Guppy.

6. Half Black Blue Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Black Blue Guppy is a gloomy Guppy using the black body quality that is half.

7. Bronze Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Bronze Guppy is a Guppy that is a hereditary gold with greater than 25\%” gold color” on the entire body with scales detailed in dark. Plenty of Bronze Guppies on the app bench have Red BiColor or even Green BiColor tails.

In accordance with IFGA requirements a Gold Guppy should assert the 25\% of the body showing the color of real gold steel on the body. The accession of the bronze that is recessive attribute that edge the ranges makes it qualified in the Bronze program.

8. Half Black Red Guppy

types of Guppies In The World

The Black Red Guppy is a Red Guppy with the percent black characteristic. A few are genetically gold to possess a red tail, nevertheless the favored dark half body deteriorates. This type of Guppy is hard to have the 1 to1 ratio body that is preferred.

9. Half Black Pastel Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Half Black Pastel gets the half body using any solid tail that is pastel except for yellow. Fish on the program bench are white tinted fish. The sorts of meals fed to the Half Black White Pastel Guppy could effect the colour of the tail.

10. Green Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Green Guppy is much searched for color strain. A true Guppy that’s show quality is hard to develop. Many Green Guppies on the program bench are green combined with blue iridescence and also might be disqualified because of kind of light and also the angle of this light which may turn it blue or green or purple. Female of green strains show green highlights in their fins.

11. Half Black Green Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Black Green Guppy is a parasitic Guppy using the percent Black human characteristic. A difficult strain to maintain a body that is half that is dark.

12. Black Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Black Guppy color aim would be to be black with no extra color. Dark Guppies are tiny to medium dimension. Reproducing for larger size ends in a reduction of black color as well as dorsal.

13. Half Black AOC Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Black AOC Guppy is any type of half figure Guppy which couldn’t be gone into some additional percent colour program or the trail.

14. Yellow Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

The Yellow Guppy is a fish to watch on the show chair. Challenging to keep finnage in addition to the yellow color. A tool size fish. A lot of Yellows around the app bench are genetically gold.

15. Half Black Yellow Guppy

ypes of Guppies In The World

This types of Guppies is a stunning looking fish with it has glowing yellow tail and also different half body. Tough line to preserve.

16. Multi Guppy

types of Guppies In The World

The Multicolor Guppy has 3 or more distinctive colors that are likewise dispersed from the tail. Each shade needs to possess more or 15 percent of the place to be thought about a shade. The dorsal should match the color and also routine of the tail.

17. Purple Guppy

types of Guppies In The World

The Purple Guppy has strong in the tail and also dorsal.

18. Half Black Purple Guppy

types of Guppies In The World

The Half Black Purple is a Guppy using the fifty percent body trait that is black.

19. Red Guppy

types of Guppies In The World

Even the Red Guppy is offered in body color types such as gray, gold, and also albino. Gold as well as albino type of human anatomy are among the most popular since the discoloration is lessened or gotten rid of to create a cleaner red color.

The caliber of the color depends on the blend of this standard crimson with a background of lavender, blue, and history colors.

The colours on the app bench range to maroon. Reds typically have big bodies and also slow-moving developing fin development.

20. Red BiColor Guppy

types of Guppies In The World

Even the Red Bicolor Guppy have to get a base colour of Red and the further color ought to be at least 25\% of their tail shade.

Both colors have to be distinct. Nothing else 3rd colour that is a lot more that 15\% has to be present or it would considered a multi-colored Guppy. The dorsal needs to match the exact colour and also pattern at the tail.

21. Females Guppy

The program Guppies that are female typically reveal finnage as well as intense fin colors. Female need to show a gravid region to get qualified for competition in an IFGA girls class.

#Guppy Patterns

Patterns are another mark of those guppy strains. They can be located in the fins or body, and include Tuxedo, Cobra, Snakeskin, Leopard, Mosaic, or Lace.

Body Patterns

Snakeskin Guppies possess a vertical pattern over the base color of the human body, but individual rosettes may also be placed randomly through the body. The stripes occasionally resemble those of a tiger.

Cobra Guppies have horizontal stripes mixed with rosettes. The chaining is generally also horizontal and the bottom colour is solid.

Tuxedo Guppies have bodies split in two different colors. The top one is yellowish white or milder, while the lower one is sometimes very near very dark black. They are also known as Half-Black Guppies. The fins and tail are also another color like white or reddish.

Tail Patterns

Leopard tail guppies have rounded spots in their tails, including coats, although the body might be a solid color or possess a snakeskin or cobra design.

Grass tails have spots that are small , resembling the Leopard varieties, but the stains are a lot smaller. This routine usually has a appearance.

Mosaic tails show an uneven connection of darker and lighter stains. Fish with body colors generally have lines, while cobra or snakeskin types have stripes.

Lace, often seen on guppies with the Snakeskin pattern, displays a absolute pattern. This pattern resembles the Mosaic one, with traces being thin and appears like a maze.

#Fin Types

Names can vary Based on the area they’re found in, however generic labels include:

Fan Tail

Delta/Triangle Tail

Veil Tail

Flag Tail

Flared Tail


Sword Tails (like double sword and top or bottom sword)

Lyre Tail, which is a combination between the double sword and Delta tails

Pin/Needle Tail

Spear Tail, known with a prolongation that is middle that is pointy

Round Tail Guppies

#Red Eye Guppies

types of Guppies In The World

Although most guppies have dark eyes some actually have reddish eyes , There are two kinds of guppies that are red-eyed.

Real Red Eye (RRE) – These are normal-colored guppies which have red eyes. Generally, they are generally a little on the smallish side, though breeders are working to establish bigger, more strains.

Real Red Eye Albinos (RREA) – All these guppies have somewhat paler reddish eyes, and they lack melanin, making them true albinos.

A Guppy for everyone

types of Guppies In The World

As guppies come in all shapes and colours, as well as many design combinations, by finding these attributes in combinations, it is possible to actually find an attractive guppy.

If not, you can attempt fish together with the attributes you enjoy, until finding the perfect guppy. You could also try to give them out and sell them in case you feel that can do best while breeding ones you discover attractive could attract the eye of other folks.

Whether You Wish to show them or simply keep them guppies are quite interesting fish and easy to care for, so you can give it a try and prepare yourself to be amazed by genetics

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