About Ant: Some Useful Information About Ant Infestation

Information About Ant Infestation – Ant infestation, depending on the species of insect which has decided to grace you with its presence, can mean many different things. There are six key ant pests which frequent human dwellings and surroundings, each with an agenda most likely having to do with food.

A carpenter ant, for instance, can build their colony in any one of the thousands of trees surrounding your home. They aren’t building in your foundation because it’s easier. They build in your foundation because they have found a consistent source of food within the vicinity. Why build in a tree and travel for food if they don’t have to?

The ant infestation problem that many experience is with the smaller few species often referred to as sugar ants. The sugar ant, in fact, is a large, bi-colored ant native to Australia who is graced with a nasty temper and the ability to shoot acid from the nape of its abdomen.

I, therefore, consider us quite lucky to be weathering the mere inconvenience of North America’s harmless native visitors. The ants that we refer to as sugar ants are actually two separate types, the pharaoh and the pavement ants. They have a strong taste for the sweet, the salty, and the downright gross.

Sloppy sinks with food stuck to dishes is an absolute haven for these little foragers. And once they have enjoyed a meal in your kitchen, it is very hard to convince them that they are unwelcome.

Most ant species will feed on nearly anything, including other insects. Whatever is easy and accessible is fair game, but once a foraging pattern has been established that leads to your countertop, you are likely to be the target of ant infestation.

The more independent species, such as the argentine and fire ant strains, are rarely prone to entering the confines of your home. The fire ant, however, should be made completely unwelcome on your property.

They are a true danger to your pets and children, as their stealthy maneuvers can go undetected until they begin stinging beneath your clothing. If you fear that you may have a fire ant problem, you would be justified in contact a professional to identify and exterminate them.

The tiny, seemingly insignificant argentine ant is generally a non-issue to the northern and eastern regions of North America. However, the rest of the country would be quick to claim this species as most unwelcome.

The damages caused by the infestation of this ant are substantial, as they are prone to rallying together and overtaking anything from crops to poultry nests. These ants can combine colonies, interactively swarming to gain favored position within their chosen environment.

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