What do Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake look like and Eat?

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake – The Eastern diamondback is easily one of the scariest looking snakes on the planet and deservedly so…they can pack quite a wallop when they decide to bite.

The truth is, the Eastern is the largest rattlesnake in the world. Because of this dramatic size, they are considered by some to be the most dangerous venomous snake in the United States.

They have extra large fangs and venom glands that can shoot huge amounts of venom into whatever they choose to bite. Despite this reputation, the Eastern diamondback is not a snake that wants anything to do with human beings.

They want to chase their small vermin and stay hidden away rather than have any type of confrontation with us. Biting us is a huge waste of their precious venom that they use to disable and kill their food prey. That venom breaks down the red blood cells and and causes terrible problems.

Where is Crotalus adamanteus found?

Found primarily on the eastern coast of the Southern United States, it can also be found as far west as Louisiana and as far south as Florida where it thrives.

It particularly favors woodlands and pine brush and often lies camouflaged and waiting for the opportunity to strike at its food. Although the diamondback is found as you move north, it is not very common above the mid-Atlantic area.

What do they look like and how big are they?

This is a huge, heavy snake that grows up to eight feet long and can carry a number of different base colors depending on its surroundings.

The diamond shaped pattern on the back is striking and the face has a raccoon looking mask. Being a pit viper, it has the typical diamond shaped head and pits at the nostrils that allow the snake to track heat and prey.

What do eastern diamondbacks eat?

These snakes will eat most any mammal that is small enough to eat. Common prey items include rabbits, birds, mice, rats and various other small animals.

They swallow them whole and begin with the head. They strike the animal and let the venom break down the prey and make them easy to consume. Snakes are incredible creatures!

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