What does African Harrier Hawk Look like, Live and Eat?

African Harrier Hawk – The African harrier hawk is a very interesting bird in that it preys largely on the young of other species.

Though not incredibly large like most hawks, it does have long legs and and a very long tail. This helps them to navigate their way through the trees of Africa to hunt down other bird’s clutches.

What does this hawk look like?

The African harrier hawk is about 25 inches in size and it has an interesting bare face. It has a powerful beak and grey with black trim over it’s body. The bare face is often yellow. It is extremely agile and fast and can maneuver quite well for a hawk. These little birds are tough as nails and not to be trifled with.

Where does this hawk live?

You can find this hawk south of the Saharan desert in Africa. It generally likes open grassland but can make a home in the forest or Savannah as well. It does require trees in which it builds its nest and hunts for other birds.

What does this hawk eat?

Other birds are the primary food source for the harrier hawk but they also will dine on the fruit of the oil palm. They particularly like weaverbird nests.

The African harrier hawk also is interesting in that both male and females incubate the nest of young for about 40 days and will bear out from one to four young. These birds are beautiful and are a perfect example of God’s wonderful creativity.

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