A DIY Woody Pool Table Project: 8 Steps for Enjoyable Family Entertainment

Playing pool is an incredible experience that improves focus and hand-eye coordination, among other skills. Billiards is an exciting game you can play with friends and family, but owning a pool table can be costly.

Fortunately, you can still have the enjoyment that the pool provides by building a DIY woody pool table. Creating a pool table by yourself is a cost-effective option that results in a customized playing table that suits your preferences.

In this blog post, we will cover eight simple steps for a DIY pool table project that provides entertaining gameplay with your family.

8 Steps for A DIY Woody Pool Table

Step 1: Assemble the Materials

To build a DIY woody pool table, you will require a few materials such as a pool table kit, ¾ inch MDF sheets, Oak veneer, high-grit sandpaper, stain, and some tools like a saw and drill. These materials can be easily found at most hardware stores and lumberyards.

Step 2: Create the Table Frame

The table frame is the foundation of your pool table that helps support the slate. Start by measuring and cutting the MDF sheets into four parts that will form the table’s sides. After cutting, screw them together to make a rectangular box. Place diagonal braces in the corners for additional support.

Step 3: Add the Table Legs

Next, cut four pieces of 4 x 4-inch oak veneer, forty-two inches long. Then, cut each corner of the veneers at a forty-five-degree angle to ensure that the legs sit correctly on the floor. Attach the legs to the table by screwing braces to the corners of the box.

Step 4: Add the Slate

Now it’s time to have the slate cut, and the size may vary depending on the table’s size. Take the slate that you ordered and set it in place, then carefully mark where you want the pockets to sit. Drill the holes for the pockets, and then glue the slate to the table’s top.

Step 5: Install the Rails

The pool table’s rails must be even, smooth, and straight to play an accurate game. Cut the MDF into strips that are three inches wide and connect them to the table frame.

Step 6: Cover the Railings

With the rails attached, the next step is to cover them with a cushion. First, staple a sheet of foam rubber to the back side of the rails, then add the rail cloth, which is a felt-like fabric.

Step 7: Add the Pockets

Pockets are the holes on the table where the balls fall into. To create the pockets, use leather or synthetic that has a drop pocket pattern. Fold the leather to form a cup shape, and then screw it to the underside of the railings.

Step 8: Install the Playing Surface

Last, but certainly not least, install the felt playing surface by stretching it firmly over the slate and cushions. Trim the fabric’s edges and create a smooth surface by trimming the edge of the felt.

After this stage, you can finally prepare your own pool cues and start wonderful billiards matches with your friends and family!


Building a DIY woody pool table with your family is an excellent way to spend time creating something enjoyable and entertaining. To ensure an accurate gaming experience, make sure that you follow each step carefully.

With creativity and patience, your DIY pool table project will become an enjoyable family entertainment that you will use for years to come.

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