14 Amazing Blue Colored Birds in The World

Blue Colored Birds – In this world there are many types of animals, one of which is birds. There are 10 types of feathered birds blue that can attract our hearts.

Blue Colored Birds

1. Hyacinth Macaw

Blue Colored Birds : Hyacinth Macaw
source: blog.londolozi.com

Hyacint Macaw or Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus is the beautiful parrot from Psittacidae family.

The body colour of Hyacint Macaw is solid blue with yellow patches around the beak and the eyes.

The lengthest of Hyacint Macaw can be found in the world is 100 centimetres, the weight body is 1.2 until 1.7 kilograms and the wingspan is 388 until 425 milimetres. Hyacint Macaw eating nuts, seeds or fruit.

Hyacint Macaw can be found in Central America ,South America and also Eastern Bolivia. The habitats of Hyacint Macaw is in savannah, forest or palm stands.

2. Indian Peafowl

Blue Colored Birds : Indian Peafowl
source: haydensanimalfacts.files.wordpress.com

Indian Peafowl or Pavo cristatus is the coloured bird from Phasianidae family . The Indian Peafowl is very beautiful bird in the world.

The Indian Peafowl weight body is from 2.7 until 6 kilograms, the length body is from 0.8 until 1,2 metres and the range of wingspan is 1.4 until 1.6 metres. Indian Peafowl eat insect, grass and nuts.

The Indian Peafowl can be found in Java, Kashmir, India, Malaya and Nepal. The Indian Peafowl habitats is in grassland, rainy forest and mountains.

3. Belted Kingfisher

Blue Colored Birds : Belted Kingfisher
source: wikipedia.com

The Belted Kingfisher or Megaceryle alcyon is the from Alcedinidae family and from Megaceryle genus.

The Belted Kingfisher have white spotted on the tail and wings. The weight of Belted Kingfisher is 113 until 178 kilograms, the length is 28 until 35 centimetres , the wingspan is from 48 until 58 centimetres.

The Belted Kingfisher have short legs and their tail is medium sized with square tipped. The Belted Kingfisher eat fish in the river.

The Belted Kingfisher can be found in Netherlands , Portugal and United States. The Belted Kingfisher habitats is in streams, ponds, large river and lakes.

4. Indigo Bunting

Blue Colored Birds : Indigo Bunting
source: sdakotabirds.com

Indigo Bunting or Passerina cyanea is the small seed eating with short tails and conical bills.

The length body of Indigo Bunting is 12 until 13 centimetres (4.7- 5.1 in), and the weight is 12 until 18 grams (0.4- 0.6 oz), the wingspan is from 19 until 22 centimetres (7.5- 8.7 in). Indigo bunting have a full blue body with silver-gray bill.

The habitat is in open deciduous woods,farmland or in weedy and brushy areas.

5. Great Blue Heron

Blue Colored Birds : Great Blue Heron
source: mrussellphotography.com

The Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) is the bird with a long neck and from Ardea genus.

The Great Blue Heron have long neck and legs with black stripe over the eye and blue-gray body. The weight of Great Blue Heron is 2.1 until 2.5 kilograms (74.1- 88.2 oz), the length is 97 until 137 centimetres (38.2- 53.9 in) and the wingspan is 167 until 201 centimetres (65.8- 79.1 in).

The Great Blue Heron can be found only in South Florida. The habitats from Great Blue Heron is in the riverbanks, sloughs, open coasts and lakes.

6. Blue Jay

Blue Colored Birds : Blue Jay
source: qph.ec.quoracdn.net

Blue Jay or Cyanocitta cristata is the bird from family Corvidae and the genus is Cyanocitta.

Blue Jay length body is 25 until 30 centimetres (9.8- 11.8 in), weight body averaged is 70 until 100 grams (2.5- 3.5 oz), and the wingspan is 34 until 43 centimetres (13.4- 16.9 in).

Blue Jay have a blue feathers in swing and tail with black legs and black beak. Blue jay eat insect, fruits or nuts.

Blue Jay bird can be found in Norteastern Texas, Southern Canada and United States to Florida. The Habitats of Blue Jay is in woodlands with oaks tree,denser forest, suburban gardens , and in the towns.

7. Florida Scrub Jay

Image Source: ams.birds.cornell.edu

Florida Scrub Jay or Aphelocoma coerulescens is the exclusives bird from Florida. Florida Scrub Jay is from Corvidae family and Aphelocoma genus.

The Florida Scrub Jay has a blue head , long blue tails , blue wings and black legs. The weight from Florida Scrub Jay is 66 until 92 grams , the length is 23 until 28 centimetres and the wingspan is 33 until 36 centimetres. Florida Scrub Jay eats berries, small reptiles, and seeds.

The Florida Scrub Jay can be found in Florida. The Florida Scrub Jay lifes in ecosystem with nutrient-poor soil and frequent wildfires has only in Florida.

8. Western Bluebird

Image Source: tringa.org

Western Bluebird or Sialia Mexicana is bird from Turdidae family and the genus is Sialia.

The Western Bluebird has a stocky body ,thin beak and short tail. The length of Western Bluebird is 16 until 19 centimetres, the weight is from 24 until 31 grams and the wingspan is from 29 until 34 centimetres. The Western Bluebird eat insect ,worms and berries.

The Western Bluebird can be found in California, Arizona and New Mexico. The habitats from Western Bluebird is in open woodlands, farmlands, deserts and other.

9. Blue Grosbeak

Image Source: audubon.org

Blue Grosbeak (Passerina caerulea) is the songbird from Cardinalidae family and from Passerina Genus.

Blue Grosbeak have a length body 15 until 16 centimetres (5.9- 6.3 in), the weight body is 26 until 31 grams (0.9- 1.1 oz) and the wingspan is 28 centimetres (11.0 in).

The colour of Blue Grosbeak is black mask in the eyes with blue tail and black or silver beak.

The habitats of Blue Grosbeak is in the forbs, mix of grass or tall tree with shrubs.

10. Barn Swallow Bird

Image Source: wikimedia.org

The Barn Swallow or Hirundo Rustica is the species of bird from Hirundinidae family and the genus is Hirundo.

The shaped of Barn Swallow is cone if there are perched, the length body is 15 until 19 centimetres (5.9- 7.5 in) , the weight body is 17 until 20 grams (0.6- 0.7 oz) and the wingspan is 29 to 32 centimetres ( 11.4- 12.6 in).

Barn Swallow have a blue wings, back and tail. Barn Swallow bird eat grasshoppers,flies and other flying insect in the air.

Barn Swallow bird can be found in Europe , Asia, Africa and America. The habitats of Barn Swallow bird is in farms, field, roadway ,parks and lakes.

11. Mountain Bluebird

Blue Colored Birds : Mountain Bluebird
source: wikipedia.org

The Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) is a medium-sized bird measuring about 16– 20 cm (6.3– 7.9 in) as well as weighing concerning 30 g (1.1 oz).

12. Blue Bunting

Blue Colored Birds : Blue Bunting
source: birdsandblooms.com

Blue Buntings (Cyanocompsa parellina) are tiny, stocky brilliantly tinted bird discovered along coastal regions in Mexico and northern areas of Central America. It occupies thickets and forest from sea level to regarding 1800 meters.

13. Black-throated Blue Warbler

Blue Colored Birds : Black-throated Blue Warbler
source: carolinabirdclub.org

The Black-throated Blue Warbler (Setophaga caerulescens) is a tiny warbler that types in The United States and Canada as well as winter seasons in the Caribbean. The varieties steps 13 centimeters (5.1 in) in length and also evaluates 8.4– 12.4 g (0.30– 0.44 oz).

14. Mexican Jay

Blue Colored Birds : Mexican Jay
source: en.wikipedia.org

Mexican Jay (Aphelocoma wollweberi) is a big, crestless songbird with blue head, wings and tail. It has grayish blue back, black bill and also legs. Juvenile all boring grey, with light expense.

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