10 Fascinating Animals that Start with the Letter A

There are so many animals that may exist with many different alphabets (of course!)

If you are searching the list of animal that starts with the letter A, you are in the right directions!

Animals that Start with the Letter A

We provide 10 fascinating animals that starts with the letter A that you may never hear before, to know about them further take a look this list below!

1. Armadillo

Image Source: fdncms.com

Armadillo’s scientific name is Dasypodidae, this animal well-known as their strong armour. Armadillo lives in savannas and woodlands around Central and South America.

This mammal has size around 75 centimetres, the weight of giant armadillo is about 1 kilogram. This animal eats ants, worms, and bugs.

Did you know that armadillo can swim? Although they have short legs, they can swim under the sea for 6 minutes!

2. Ant

Image Source: nautil.us

Of course, the ant has A letter! The scientific name of ant known as Formicidae. This insect is the most social insect, as you may know, that they like to hand in hand with others.

This omnivorous insect eats everything they have lots of food sources in their millions of habitats. Fun fact, this insects is everywhere except Antartica!

3. Anteater

Image Source: imgix.net

You may know that there is more than billions of ant everywhere but anteater also exists! Yes, they eat only ants and termites.

This animal’s scientific name is Vermilingua. You may find them in the area of Mexico and South America.

Their characteristics are long claws and their have a glutinous tongue to help them catch the victim, they also have around 1 meter long.

There are two types of anteater which are Giant anteater and Southern tamandua. The Giant anteater can live to 16 years.

4. Antechinus

Image Source: museumvictoria.com.au

This marsupial mouse from Australia known as Antechinus (scientific name). Antechinus habitats are in the tropical rainforest and woodland.

This animal usually eats spiders, larva, and most insects. Just like a mouse, this antechinus have a long tail, small short feet, they have the brown-red colour of their fur.

Fun fact, this animal is actually very violent inbreeding in the amount of time after their breeding, the males actually die from it.

5. Agama

Image Source: wikimedia.org

This reptile lives in Sub-Sahara Africa. This reptile comes in 47 varieties of species, each of them has different colours. Agama is the reptile that has about 12 centimetres long.

They usually prey on eggs, smaller lizards, fruits, seeds, and berries, they looking for food usually in the daytime.

To differentiate the male and female agama, the male ones have red face and orange to blue in their body.

The unique fact of this Agama is that the male is considered to be the minority of the females group in reproducing.

To interest the females to breed, the males usually change their colours into vibrant blue, orange, and yellow around March to May.

6. Alligator

Image Source: abcnews.com

Alligator is a reptile that has two species which are the China Alligator and the America Alligator.

The America Alligator are still living in America which is in the Louisana and Florida, there are more than million of them, in the other hand, the China Alligator is in endangered which in Yangtze River valley.

Alligator has rounded flat muzzle, their lower teeth are hiding when their mouth closed. They are about 450 centimetres long and 450 kilograms of weight.

This reptile lives about 30 until 50 years old. The danger fact of this alligator is that if they’re starving they would bite every meat including people.

7. Archerfish

Image Source: newscientist.com

Archer fish’s scientific name called Toxotes is a fish that known as their splash from their mouth to catch their victim. You may find them in the area of mangrove in India, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Western Pacific.

They have black and white stripes, the colour of their body used to hide from the victim. Archerfish is about 40 centimetres long and 750 grams of their weight.

The way they eat is very smart, they have a special mouth that can shoot the victim to fall to the water then that’s the archerfish time to eat.

8. African Wolf Spider

Image Source: com.au

African Wolf Spider is in the family of Lycosidae. This kind of spider has about 2,000 species. Like most of the spiders, this spider has long and dense legs. Their size is around 40 millimetres.

This smart spider have great eyes to catch the victim and they usually find their prey in the evening but some find their prey around daytime.

Fun fact about this spider, unlike the other spiders, is that they don’t spin to make webs. This spider has different ways to catch their victim some build a hunt some make a trap.

9. Anaconda

Image Source: nationalgeographic.com

You may know anaconda from movies but did you know about the detail of this animal? Well, Anaconda is reptile of snake that lives in swampy waters in the water boa of Northern Africa and South America.

You may know this anaconda as the green anaconda (the only species). The size of this snake is about 9 meters long and weight about 227 kilograms.

This reptile is considered as the nocturnal, at night they prey on animals like pigs, deer, fish, and caiman even the bigger animals. To catch their victim they would wait on the tree around waters.

The fascinating fact about this animal is that they would swallow the head first and make the victim cannot breathe.

10. African Tree Pangolin

Image Source: iucnredlist.org

African tree pangolin or Tree Pangolin is the animal that originally from Africa forest. The size of this animal is about 40 centimetres long and their weight is about 2 kilograms.

The characteristic of this African tree pangolin is that their body is white with the flaky tail. This animal is well-known as their rolling into a ball when they feel in danger.

The fun fact of this animal is they are toothless, they have long claws to climb trees. They are just like the anteater, they only eat ants and termites, their other name is called flaky anteater.

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