25 Amazing Animals whose Names Start with the Letter B

We can say for sure that the nature has a lot more to offer to use, but we haven’t explored it completely yet. Besides the landscape, the species, the plants and animals there is lot more out there.

Animals That Start with B

Maybe you didn’t know, but there are a lot of strange and odd species you haven’t seen until now. These all start with the letter B. Here is the list.

1. Babirusa

animals that start with b
source: www.wired.com

Babyrousa babirussa are found in Indonesia as native animals. They are wild hogs that look like a pig and a deer at the same time. These are found in the Islands Sulawesi, Sula and Buru in the tropical forests.

These animals are omnivores which means they eat mostly fruits, vegetables and sometimes nuts. The male has large curving tusks that grow upward and reach up to 30cm.

They have brown coat, rough skin and lack hair. Weigh up to 100 kg and 65 cm in shoulder length. These animals are listed as endangered and vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Today are 4000 of these animals in the wild, but because of the hunting and the habitat loss the population is declining.

2. Baboon

animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

There are 5 different species of baboons that live in Arabia or Africa. They are one of the largest monkeys in the world with average weight of 15-37 kg and 60-102 cm long, excluding the tails and the lengths that may vary.

3. Badger

animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

The badger is the largest member of the weasel family, which can be found in Europe, America and Asia. The badgers live underground in burrows and have flat bodies, short legs with long claws and long tail.

The head is black with white stripes starting from the nose to the shoulders. The fur coat can be striped, spotted, dark brown, black or silvery-gray. The adult badgers are 60 cm long and 23 cm tall with a 10 cm tail. They weigh 13.6 kg.

The badgers are hunting at night and they eat rodents, toads, lizards, snakes, insects and squirrels. They can live up to 13 years.

4. Bandicoot

animals that start with b
source: wikipedia

The bandicoot can be confused with the rodents often and is a small omnivore. It is a small marsupial and can be found in Australia.

These species are also endangered like the other native mammals and the number of the population is declining for many reasons.

5. Banteng

animals that start with b
source: commons.wikimedia.org

This is wild cattle that can be found in Southeast Asia, in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

When they were domesticated started living as working animals. They inhabit the bamboo jungles and the dense forest and eat leaves, fruits, grasses and branches.

It can grow from 190-225 cm in length and 160 cm shoulders. Weighs from 600-800 kg. The males are black or dark brown while the adult females are reddish brown.

The females have short and curved horns and the males long and straight. Both of the sexes have white stockings on the legs. They can live up to 17 years and if they are captured up to 20 years.

6. Barracuda

animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

It is a species of large fish that can be found in the coastal regions of the oceans in the world and in some warmer waters. There are more than 20 different species of this fish that are from 50 cm to 2 meters in length.

It can be found in the tropical regions where there is an abundance of food, but also can be seen spread in the ocean.

They now live more in the continental shelves close to the coral reefs, although they can be found in the deep ocean.

7. Barasingha

amazing awesome animals that start with b
source: Wikipedia

Ruvervus duvaucelii or Barasingha is an endemic deer in India and Nepal. It is known by its antlers and the specific look.

They can be found in wet plains, meadows and marshlands and are medium size deer from 180 cm long up to 119-124 cm height.

They can weigh up to 280 kg. When the antlers are fully grown can reach up to a meter. They have orange or brown coat with some white parts underneath.

They eat mostly grass and can live up to 25 years in the wild. The number of Barasingha has been declined from the predators, the diseases, the habitat loss and the poaching. IUCN has also declared Barasingha as endangered species.

8. Basilisk

awesome animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

Basiliscus basiliscus or Common Basilisk is a lizard in South and Central America. Lives near rivers, streams and in rainforests.

The Basilisk is part of the corytophanid family and is known as Jesus Lizard, or Lagarto de Jesus Cristo, or Jebus, or Jesus Christ Lizard because it can run on the surface of the water.

9. Bat

wesome animals that start with b
source: www-tc.pbs.org

These are flying mammals that developed the forelimbs into wings making them capable of flying.

The other mammals like flying squirrels, gliding possums and colugos, are mostly gliding and not flying, but it is mostly for short distances.

The bats don’t fly with the entire forelimbs; they just spread out the digits.

10. Bear

Awesome animals that start with b

The bears belong to the bear family Ursidae and are carnivores.

There are only 8 species of the bear that are still present until today and can be found in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

They are widespread and live in a numerous habitats in the world.

11. Bearded Dragon

awesome animals that start with b
source: dragonrancher.com

It is a lizard that lives in rocky, hot and dry environment, mostly found in Australia. They can be captured and kept as pets. It is an omnivore that eats small rodents, plants and insects.

Can be up to 43 cm long with a brown coat, or sometimes grey, with a flat body, head in the shape of a triangle and spiny scales.

The males and the females have spiny beard which is more noticeable on the adult males. Can live up to 10 years.

12. Beaver

amazing animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

These beavers are known as always being busy because they have the talent for reengineering the landscape.

They can burrow in the banks of the lakes and the rivers whenever available and they can transform the habitats that are less suitable for living into suitable ones by building dams.

With their strong teeth and jaws they can gnaw the trees and create branch or a massive log in order to block the streams and transform the forests and fields into large ponds.

13. Bee

animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

These are flying insects that are known in the pollination of producing beeswax and honey.

They can be related to the ants and the wasps and there are 20,000 species of bees in the world from 9 recognized families, since a lot are not described yet.

They can be found everywhere except on the Antarctica.

14. Beetle

animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

It is a small invertebrate which I known to be versatile and in many shapes and sizes.

Can be found nearly every different habitat in the world, except the polar regions. 40% of the insects that were recognized can be classed as beetles and there are more than 350,000 species of the beetles, but the number could be from 4 million to 8 million species.

15. Bilby

awesome animals that start with b
source: www.abc.net.au

Macrotis Lagoti or Bilby is known as bandicoot with ears like a rabbit. It is an endemic specie and nocturnal animal in Australia. Lives in deep burrows and arid areas.

It is omnivore and eats spiders, fruits, insects or some small animals but what is interesting is that doesn’t drink water. Can grow up to 55 cm in length and can weigh up to 2.5 kg.

The Bilby has blue-gray fur which is soft, large ears, long black and white tail and long muzzle. The tail reaches up to 29 cm. This species is also endangered.

16. Binturong

amazing awesome animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

The Arctictis binturong or just Binturong is living in the jungles in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Southeast Asian countries. It is a nocturnal animal 60-96 cm long and weighs 9-14 kg.

It is also known as the Asian Bearcat and eats fruits, leaves, small animals and shoots.

It has golden brown eyes, thick, black fur, white whiskers and rounded ears, bushy and long tail and feet with strong claws. Can live up to 20 years.

17. Bison

wesome animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

The European wisent and the American bison are the biggest mammals in Europe and North America. They live in herds and are nomadic grazers that travel alone or in groups during the entire year.

The American bison lives in the Great Plains and is not endangered anymore, while the Wood bison is still endangered in Canada. Both of the species were about to be extinct in the 19th and 20th century.

18. Blue Shark

awesome animals that start with b
source: www.planetdeadly.com

The blue shark can be found in the deep waters of the tropical oceans, since they prefer cool waters. They can move very fast and is one of the sharks being easily recognized.

It has a vibrant blue on the sides and indigo blue above. The teeth on the lower and upper jaw have triangular cusps.

19. Blue Whale

awesome animals that start with b
source: Reference.com

The blue whale has fringed plates of a material like the fingernail that is attached on the upper jaws, so they can gulp a large amount of water and they expand the belly and the throat.

They are really blue under water, but when on surface can be blue-gray. The whale has flat head and long body with triangular flukes.

20. Bluebottle

wesome animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

It is also known as Portuguese man of war and can be found in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Blue, translucent in color with 3-15 cm long body and the tentacles can be up to 10 meters long.

21. Bobolink

animals that start with b
source: Audubon.org

It is a medium sized bird, long 15-21 cm and weighs 34-51 kg. With brown eyes, short tail and beak in the shape of a cone. They usually eat insects and seeds. Can live up to 9 years.

22. Bongo

awesome animals that start with b

The largest and heaviest antelope found in tropical Africa. It has spiral horns, reddish-brown coat with white or yellow stripes, chestnut coat, and darker legs.

The western bongo lives mostly during the nights in the forest of Africa with the other antelope species.

23. Bunting

animals that start with b
source: zoohoo.dallaszoo.com

The bunting is a passerine bird in the family Emberizidae found in Africa, Asia and Europe. It is similar to a finch, but is different in body, head and bill. It has long head and tail and is a small bird.

24. Butterfly

wesome animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com

These butterflies can be found everywhere, but they are mostly present in the warmer countries and they feed from the flower nectar through their curled tongue like a straw.

They are similar in appearance with the moths and often get confused with them. They have a morphing process where the life of the butterfly starts as a caterpillar and the same caterpillar emerges with beautiful wings.

25. Buzzard

awesome animals that start with b
source: pixabay.com/

This is a medium size bird that can be found in Asia and Europe. Around 40,000 breeding pairs are present in Britain and they can be there throughout the whole year, but not in those parts that are cold.

The buzzard can be distinguished easily from the other species of hawk by its size, brown plumage with white markings underneath and tremendous height.

The tail can be barred with white patches on the inner side of the wings. The feathers on the neck are usually yellowish and the white color comes after.

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