animals that start with c : capybara


This animal, which is native to South America, splits time between land and water. The capybara usually makes its home in the forest, close to bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and marshes.

The capybara has a broad body covered in reddish-brown fur on top and yellowish-brown fur underneath. The average adult weighs in at around 65 kg, and grows to about 130 cm long.

The capybara has 20 teeth, feet that are slightly webbed, and no tail. Plants, fruit, and grass are the main elements of the diet for this hungry herbivore. Adult capybaras can consume a staggering 2.5 kg of grass each day.

Capybara’s are very comfortable in the water, and can stay under the surface for 5 minutes at a time. They can even sleep underwater by keeping their nose just above the surface.

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