animals that start with e: elephant


Growing to more than thirteen feet tall and the largest mammals, the three elephant species roaming the Earth identified by the biological name Elephantidae are further more precisely named as “Loxodonto Africana” the African Bush elephant, “Loxodonto Cyclotis” the African Forest elephant and “Elephas Maximus” the Asian elephant.

Weighing around twelve thousand pounds their long trunk is very important to them as they smell, wash themselves, drink water, and it also helps in picking up food and bringing it into their mouths.

The mouths have teeth to chew the food, which are generally herbs as they are herbivorous and whilst the males are gifted with two majestic looking tusks which help them to tear up tree trunks and also as a defensive weapon against possible intruders to the group or predators of which there are none, except a foolish canine who would attempt to attack them.

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