10 Remarkable Animals that Start with the Letter F

Have you ever thought about how many animals that start with the letter F? Can you name them all?

Take a look into this remarkable animals list to find out more of animals that start with the letter F.

Animals that Start with the Letter F

Here are 10 animals that start with the letter F that you probably never heard or never know that these are animals exist!

1. Finch

Animals that Start with the Letter F : finch bird
source: allbirdcage.com

Did you know that this Aves are actually had about hundred of species?

Even though finch bird is about hundred species of them, the real one is actually from the family of Fringillidae. The name of the order of this Aves is Passeriformes. Most of them are from Southern Hemisphere.

The size of this bird is around until 20 centimetres. This short beaks bird has brownish and greenish feathers. The fun fact about this Aves is that they do not migrate.

2. Frill-necked Lizard

Animals that Start with the Letter F : Frill-necked Reptile
source: nationalgeographic.com

You may know this lizard as frilled agama, frilled dragon, or frilled lizard and their scientific name is Chlamydosaurus kingii. The family of this lizard is Agamidae. This huge kind of reptile is about 90 centimetres long.

They originally from northern Australia and New Genia around Savannah forest.

If this reptile feels endanger they open their yellow mouth and enlarge their colourful head then this lizard starting to hisses.

This insectivorous usually prey the smaller reptiles. The female lizards can lay until 12 eggs which usually in the rain season.

3. Fairy Bluebird

Animals that Start with the Letter F : Fairy Bluebird
source: birdforum.net

This passerine bird lives around Southern Asia and Philippines in the Palawan island, they usually live in the lowland rain of forest. This fairy bluebird’s scientific name is Irena.

This bird is well-known as their harmonic whistle. The characteristic between the female and male is that the male bird has a crown in their head with black and blue feathers while the female bird has purple and green feathers.

Fairy Bluebird eats fruits, bugs and nectars.

4. Ferret

Animals that Start with the Letter F : Ferret
source: Louisvillezoo.org

This cute carnivore and mammal animal have black, brown, and white fur. Their size is about 50 centimetres long and they usually weight until 7 kilograms.

This is one of the animals who love to sleep, they can take a rest until 18 hours long.

In the forest, they usually prey smaller animal such as mice, bunnies, hen, beef and wallaby. Although they have great ability to smells and hearing, however, they have poor sight. The fun fact of this ferret is that they love eggs.

5. Firefly

Animals that Start with the Letter F : Firefly
source: firefly.org

This insect-winged beetles mainly lives in the swamp in warm places like tropical everywhere, the fascinating fact about this firefly is that they have more than 2,000 species.

The scientific name of this insect is known as Lampyridae. This small creature has about 20 millimetres size, they have black and brown body. Firefly usually consumes nectars and insect larvas.

The fun fact about this firefly is that they do not carry disease! Well, you may hear the myth from people around you, aren’t you?

6. Fiddler Crab

Animals that Start with the Letter F : fiddler crab
source: scaquarium.org

Did you know that male Uca crabs have one claw larger than the rest?

You may find them in the tropical areas in the beaches, lagoons, and sandbars. However, they only live around 2 years. Their size is around 3 centimetres. The male fiddler crab has dots in their shells than the female.

They usually prey algae, germs, fungus and detritus. Their colour is friendly like red, yellow and also bright blue. Just a general crabs they usually lost their shells as they grow older.

Did you know that fiddler crab is walking sideways rather than backward or even forward? What a surprise!

7. Flicker

Animals that Start with the Letter F : flicker
source: Pinterest.com

The scientific name of this bird is known as Colapts. This bird lives in North America and Central America, you may also found them in Cayman Island and Cuba. The house of this birds is actually in the farmlands or woodlands.

The size of this flicker bird is about 30 until 35 centimetres length and their head are slim and long head also little down-curved beak. This flicker bird has a white spot and black wings.

However, there is a difference between the flicker bird from the north and the east, the north have yellow feathers while the east has a red tail.

They prey ants, fruits, and seeds. The female birds can lay into 8 eggs and the eggs is usually looks glossy.

8. Fruit bat

Animals that Start with the Letter F : fruit bat
source: wikipedia.org

Since their head looks like foxes, people usually call this bat as the flying foxes. The scientific name of this fruit bat is Megachiroptera. This bat can grow up to 40 centimetres.

These bats have a downy body and long fingers in their thin skin. Although this bats are active in nighttime and have the great sensitivity to smell, however, their legs are weak for a walk.

As you may see from their names, they usually eat fruits but they also usually eat flowers. One of the fun fact about this bat is that after they eat they would spit the pulp, seeds, and the fruit skins.

9. Finnish Spitz

Animals that Start with the Letter F : Finnish Spitz
source: Pinterest.com

Yes, this Finnish Spitz is originally from Finland. This cute animal looks like Fox and their size is about 50 centimetres and has about 15 kilograms of their weights.

This intelligent and playful animal can live about 12 years until 14 years. Their nose and lips are commonly black and their eyes are dark in almond shapes. This dog has golden, brown, red-ish and yellow-ish coloured.

10. Fire-bellied toad

Animals that Start with the Letter F : Fire-bellied toad
source: http://whatdoanimaleat.com

This toad is still in the family of Bombina. This fire-bellied toad is originally from Korea, southern Japan and around Russia. You may find them in streams or ponds. They have around 7 centimetres size.

They are known as their bright red and yellow colour on their body and also the black dots that pattern its body. In their back is covered with the small tubercles.

This fire-bellied toad is usually live in arthropods that commonly found in Asia. Did you know that this toad is actually poison to human?

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