Fairy Bluebird

Animals that Start with the Letter F : Fairy Bluebird

Fairy Bluebird

Fairy-Bluebirds are two small varieties of passerine birds that inhibit the lowland rain forests throughout southern Asia and also the Philippine island of Palawan.

These huge and also vibrant birds could expand to regarding 25 cm long as well as weigh 75 grams. The adult males have crowns as well as generally with cobalt blue or black tuft, while the ladies use purple or dull green tuft. Fairy-bluebirds are famous for their harmonic whistle.

Fairy-bluebirds usually live and also traveled in pairs or seen celebration in fig trees in little teams (about 30 birds). These birds shower in streams occasionally.

They make their nest in thick trees about 20 feet above the ground. The nest is made from sprouting branches and also rootlets and also camouflaged with moss.

These birds lay two to three eggs greenish-white eggs. They prey on fruits, particularly that of fig trees. They sometimes consume bugs as well as nectar.

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