fruit bat

Animals that Start with the Letter F : fruit bat

Fruit bat

Megabats or fruit bats are relatively big flying animals. There more than 160 recognized types of fruit bats that live that stay in thick woodlands in Asia, Australia, Africa, as well as Europe.

Additionally known as flying foxes, their sizes differ from the tiniest species about 6 cm to the biggest that reach 40 centimeters. These large-eyes nighttime pets rest hanging from their feet during the day.

Fruit bats have fuzzy body and their wings are long fingers covered by thin skin. They have weak legs and also knowledgeable problem while walking.

Their feeling of smell is superb, nevertheless, with one exemption, Egyptian fruit bat, does make use of echolocation to navigate in caves.

They tend to reside in big colonies, or “camps.” Fruit bats primarily consume fruit as well as flowers. These bats typically eat the flowers and fruit, then spit out the remaining pulp, seeds as well as peel off.

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