10 Remarkable Animals that Start with the Letter G

Most of the animal which is starting with letter G are simply gorgeous-looking with its amazingly body shape and color.

They looks amazing either the animal which is staying in the wild or as the human-pet.

Animals That Start With G

These animal which is starting with the letter G below will give you new knowledge about the kingdom of animal in this world.

1. GoldFish

animals that start with g: goldfish
source: caringpets.org

This Gold Fish is Carassius auratus auratus is a sort of carp. It was the earliest fish which is domesticated which previously it is still one of the most generally maintained of tropical fish.

This fish can grow up to 8 – 13 cm long and reach the weight about 4.5 kg. They have characteristics with its orange scales and flowing fins.

They can return the color into green to black as their natural colors. There are a lot of varieties of this Gold Fish with various colors such as gold, red, black, and varicolored ranges.

Some several well-known varieties such as the yellow-gold Lionhead. It has bulging eyes on top of its head, crimson head and trailing-finned Celestial. They eat tiny pets and plants.

2. Gadwall

animals that start with g: Gadwall
source: www.suggest-keywords.com

This Gadwall duck or Anas strepera is categorized as a medium-sized of duck. It has streamlined which is defined by the dappled black and brown of body quill, brown head, and white wing-patch.

The male Gadwall has gray-brown plumage with the white tummy. They also have black rump. The female Gadwall has light brown tuft with yellow-colored costs and dark spots.

This animal can grow up to 46 – 56 centimeters with 78 – 90 centimeters of wingspan. The male Gadwall is little larger than the female with the average weight about 990 gram.

Gadwall can be found in Canada, United States of America, and the north locations of Europe and Asia. Most of them are living in open wet meadow, marshes, eats water, and ponds.

3. Galah

animals that start with g: Galah
source: Pinterest.com

Galah is Eolophus roseicapilla which called also as Roseate Cockatoo, Galah Cockatoo, or Rose-breasted Cockatoo.

Mainly, they are discovered in all parts of mainland Australia. They have a unique pink and grey color on its body. This animal can grow up to 35 cm with the weight around 300 to 400 gram.

Physically, they have rose-pink color on its head and neck in paler pink crown. The wings and backs are dominated with light grey to mid grey color.

They are herbivore and they eat the seeds which is diminished the ground.

4. Gecko

animals that start with g: Gecko
source: earthtouchnews.com

This animal has an exotic green color and it is a little of lizard species. Most of them are living in warmer regions and this reptiles are consisting of 3 subfamilies, 80 category which has about 600 species.

They are staying in the jungles, meadows, rough deserts, and hills. They have unique way to communicate with other Geckos by making chirping noises.

This animal can reach more than 50 cm length. Geckos are the amazing animal with various colors and pattern such as pink, blue, purple with variety of marking on its body and it depends on their species.

Physically, they have no eyelids and only have a transparent membrane layer. The bodies are flattened and they have short necks also wide flat heads. Gecoks can eat insects and worms.

5. Gemsbok

animals that start with g: Gemsbok
source: africa-wildlife-detective.com

The Gemsbok or Oryx gazelle is discovered in Africa. Most of them are living in all of Africa’s dry such as semi-arid open grassland, light open forest, and scrub.

They are special its huge body and marking by black-white color on its body. You will be surprised with its long spear like the horns.

This animal has light brownish-grey to tan color with the black tails. The nose and mouth are coming in color white.

Gemsbok has a compact, muscle body with thick neck and has short mane which runs from the visit to the shoulders.

Either male and female Gemsbok both of them have horns which is the average is about 85 centimeters and it is prolong straight from the back to the head.

The length of this animal can reach about 1.4 meters with the weight around 230 to 250 kg. Gemsbok can eat thick leaved plants, wild melons, crude yards, origins and bulbs which they get from the ground.

6. Gentoo Penguin

animals that start with g: Gentoo Penguin
source: http://ocean.si.edu

Gentoo Penguin or Pygoscelis papua is belonging to the 3 types of Pygoscelis category. It can be found on the most of the islands in the Antarctic area which is residing in huge and noisy breeding colonies.

While the major swarms are living on the Falkland Islands, Kerguelen Islands, and South Georgia. They have wide white stripe which is encountering the top of its head also the white patch around.

This kind of Penguin is really having the brilliant orange beak. This animal is very good in swimming and can reach the speeds about 36 km/hour.

They can grow up to 75 – 95 centimeters with the weight around 5.6 kg. Gentoo Penguin eat some little fish and krill.

7. Giraffe

animals that start with g: Giraffe
source: Theverge.com

Most of the people are knowing this animal. It is an African ruminant and being the tallest animal in this world right now.

They can be found in South Africa and Central Africa. Most of them prefer to stay in meadows, savannas, and open woodlands where the Acacia and leguminous plants are growing up there.

The adult male of Giraffe can reach 16 – 18 feet with the weight around 1.200 kg. While the female is slightly smaller and lighter.

This animal is easy to be recognized with its lengthy neck and hind legs which are little smaller if compare to the front legs.

Giraffe has the special layer patter which is coming in varies colors such as dark-reddish to chestnut brownish. They have horn and their lifetime is near to 13 years.

8. Gopher

animals that start with g: Gopher
source: kingofwallpapers.com

This Gopher has 2 major types they are Ricardsonds Ground Squirrel and Pocket Gopher. They are discovered in the Canada and The United States of America.

This animal is so lovable and could mature until 15 centimeters long from the visit body with the weight around 1 kg.

Their tail can be reached around 7 centimeters. This animal is omnivorous pets and they can eat nuts, seeds, berries, shrubs, bugs, grass, and grains.

Gopher has a number of all-natural killers which is including prairie wolves, owls, badgers and people who treat this animals as farming bugs.

9. Guanaco

animals that start with g: Guanaco
source: kids.nationalgeographic.com

This animal is also called as Lama guanicoe and they are the member of camel family. But, it is a bit different with the usual camel, this Guanaco doesn’t have bulges.

They have slender body, brownish eyes, tiny head, long neck, short tail, and large pointed ears.

This animal can be found in South American countris which is including Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

Most of them are living in tiny herds, plants, and grass. They can grow up to 107 – 122 centimeters which is about 3.5 to 4 feet at the shoulder.

The weight is about 90 kg and the lifetime of this animal is about 20 to 25 years.

10. Grasshopper

animals that start with g: Grasshopper
source: sabisabi.com

Most of the people know this animal. They are plant-eating pests which is belonging to Orthoptera suborder Caelifera.

They have a lot of species which are greater than 10.000 types. Most of them are staying in semiarid regions, lowland tropical forests, and meadows.

They can grow up to 1.3 cm – 15 cm especially for the tropical species. This animal can be recognized with its eco-friendly colored such as brown or grey with yellow or red markings.

Physically, the body of this animal contains the thorax, head, three pairs of jointed legs, abdominal area, pair of antennae, and wings.

They are very good in jumping, strolling, and flying. Grasshopper eat turfs, plant, grain crops, and leaves.

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