animals that start with g: Gadwall


The Gadwall (Anas strepera) is a medium-sized, streamlined ducks defined by its dappled brown-and-black body quill as well as brown head and white wing-patch.

Males sporting activities gray-brown plumage with a white tummy, and also a black rump while ladies can be found in seen light brown tuft, a yellow-colored costs with dark spots.

Gadwalls average 46– 56 centimeters long with a 78– 90 centimeters wingspan. Men are a little larger compared to the female, considering on average 990 g.

Gadwalls lives in open wet meadow, ponds as well as marshes and usually eats water vegetation by messing around for plant food with head submerged. The Gadwall types in the main The United States and Canada, north locations of Europe as well as Asia.

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