animals that start with g: Gemsbok


The Gemsbok (Oryx gazella) is a huge African antelope defined by its distinct black and white markings on their face as well as lengthy spear like horns.

Gemsboks are light brownish-grey to tan in color, black tails, as well as white around the nose and also mouth. It has a compact, muscle body with a thick neck having a short mane that runs from the visit the shoulders.

A dark brown stripe ranges from the chin approximately the neck side as well as down through the join of the shoulder and also leg.

Males as well as women are hard to tell apart. Both sexes have horns. Their horns that average 85 centimeters in size, are long and also prolong straight back from the head.

Gemsbok are about 1.4 meters at the shoulder, and males could weigh in between 230– 250 kilograms. Gemsbok are found in all of Africa’s dry as well as semi-arid open grassland, scrub and light open forest.

The Gemsbok has actually adjusted to many desert and semi-desert life and also is capable of enduring without water for extended durations.

In desert areas, Gembok’s diet includes thick leaved plants, crude yards, wild melons, and origins and bulbs they remove of the ground.

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