animals that start with g: Giraffe


The Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) is an African ruminant, the tallest animal worldwide. They are found in Chad in Central Africa to South Africa occupying savannas, meadows, or open woodlands where Acacia and leguminous plants are flourishing.

Adult males can rise to 16-18 feet in height as well as weighs 1,200 kilos. Grown-up females are slightly smaller sized as well as lighter. Giraffes have lengthy necks, its hind legs are a little smaller sized compared to its front legs.

Each giraffe has a special layer pattern and its color varies considerably in the pattern, yet consists of dark-reddish to chestnut brownish blotches of numerous sizes and shapes.

Both sexes have horns, although a female horn is a lot smaller. Giraffes can rest standing, but need to bend down to drink. Wild giraffes have a lifetime near to 13 years.

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