10 Awesome Animals that Start with the Letter H

Can you name the animal that starts with the letter H?

You may never hear one of these animals on our list that start with the letter H because they’re very uncommon in our daily life.

Animals that Start with the Letter H

To find out more about this animal, take a look on this 10 list of awesome animal that starts with the letter H below!

1. Hoiho

animals that start with h: hoiho
source: blog.forestandbird.org.nz

Megadyptes antipodes is the scientific name of Hoiho, you may hear this animal as the name of Yellow-eyed Penguin.

Hoiho is originally from New Zealand particularly in the South Island of New Zealand.

Like its name, this Aves has yellow colour on their eyes, the colour of their back is black and blue, and also white on their front.

The size of Hoiho is around 60 centimetres and their weight is about 5 to 6 kilograms. This penguin can live until 20 years, however, this penguin is in endangered.

2. Hammerkop

animals that start with h: Hammerkop
source: Mpalalive.org

This is one of the only living animals in the family of Scopidae, the scientific name of this animal is Scopus umbretta.

Hammerkop habitats are in woodlands, savannas, and marshes found in Sub-Saharan Africa and Yemen.

This bird has about 50 centimetres long and around 450 grams of weight. Their body is covered with brown thick feathers, web feet, and the short tail.

They eat invertebrates animal and fish. Fun fact, Hammerkop’s webbed feet is used to groom their feathers!

3. Honey Badger

animals that start with h: Mellivora capensis
source: Pinterest.com

Ratel is the other name of Honey Badger or the scientific name called Mellivora Capensis. You can found this animal in the savannas and grassland in western and South Asia, however, they’re mostly live in Africa.

The characteristic of this animal is their body has black or brown colour and their back cover with white accent.

Their head are big they also have very sharp teeth. Their height is about 100 centimetres and their weight is about 10 kilograms.

Honey Badger is a nocturnal animal prey on reptiles especially the ones that poison like snakes and they also love beehives.

4. Huemul

animals that start with h: huemul
source: cascada.travel

Huemul or you may know them as Taruca is the endangered Andrean kinds. This animal is known from Southern Argentina and Chile.

Huemul has very thick brown fur in their body, short legs, small nose, and a black nose. This herbivore animal usually eats grass and plants.

Huemul can grow up to 170 centimetres long and their weight is about 100 kilograms. This animal can live until 10 years, sadly this species is in endangered

5. Hoatzin

animals that start with h: Hoatzin
source: nationalgeographic.com

This reptile bird’s scientific name is Ophisthocomus hoazin, this uncommon bird found in the South of United States of America. Their habitats are mostly in the wetlands and mangrove of Amazon and Orinoco Delta.

They have a brown white-ish crest on their head, they also have a blue face, long tail and wide wings. The size of hoatzin is 60 centimetres and their weigh is around 810 grams.

This herbivore bird usually eats plants and fruits. For the fun fact, Hoatzin has the size of pheasant.

6. Horseshoe crab

animals that start with h: Horseshoe crab
source: www-tc.pbs.org

You may recognize this crab as King crab, this crab’s scientific name is Limulidae. They are originally from America and Canada. This marine arthropod is still the parts of spiders and scorpion than crab.

The shape of their shell is just like horseshoe the colour of their shell is green and brownish grey, they have 5 jointed legs and pincers.

The size of the female is bigger than the male horseshoe crab around 60 centimetres and they are about 4 kilograms weight. They are nocturnal and eat seaworms and molluscs.

7. Howler Monkey

animals that start with h: Howler Monkey
source: washingtonpost.com

Howler monkey knows as Alouatta in the scientific name is originally from Central and South America. Howler Monkey is the largest monkey in new world ape.

They are most likely lives in tropical rainforest, fuzzy forest and swamp. This huge monkey has thick brown red-ish hair. The size of this animal is about 90 centimetres and weight is about 10 kilograms.

This ape is usually eaten fruit, flowers, nuts, and branches. Fun fact, this howler monkey is the loudest ape, their howlers can be reached to 5 kilometres away.

However, this ape is endangered due to their decreasing habitat.

8. Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner

animals that start with h: Horse Chestnut Leaf-miner
source: youngstreeservices.com

The Horse Chestnut Leaf-Miner also called Cameraria ohridella as its scientific name is an insect in the Gracillariidae family.

This insect is the new species of moth found in Macedonia around 1985. You may find this animal in the Europe areas and Southeast England.

The characteristic of this insect is the wings are looks glossy brown, white, and little of black stripes. The size of this moth is only around 4 millimetres long.

9. Hooker’s Sea-lion

animals that start with h: Hooker Sea-lion
source: Keaphotography.photoshelter.com

You may recognize this animal as New Zealand Sea Lion, like its name, this sea lion is from New Zealand also in the Aukland Island and Stewart Island. The scientific name of this sea lion is known as Phocarctos hookeri.

The size of Hooker’s Sea Lion is different between the male and female, the male size about 3 metres long and has around 400 kilograms also can live to 23 years while female in the other hand is around 2 metres and has 160 kilograms only can live about 18 years.

There’s also the difference in their colour, the males are brown-ish and black and the females are more grey. Their characteristics are short hair and flat nose.

This omnivorous animal usually eats squids, octopus, fish, and crayfish. Unfortunately, this animal is the rarest endangered sea lions.

10. Hoopoe

animals that start with h: Hoopoe
source: abelmoir.files.wordpress.com

Hoopoe as the scientific name is Upupa Epops is a colourful bird that lives in the Afro-Eurasia. The size of this bird is around 30 centimetres long and 60 grams of their weigh.

Their unique body consists of 3 colours which are brown in their body but black and white stripes in their wings.

Hoopoe usually eats insects like beetles, cricket, ant, cicadas, and small reptiles. They’re well-known of their unique black stripes crown on their head.

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