animals that start with h: Hammerkop


The Hamerkop (Scopus umbretta) is a medium-sized wading bird discovered throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar as well as Yemen.

Their habitat includes marsh, inland waters, marshes, savannas as well as woodlands. Many remain inactive in their territories, although some sets will transfer to normally right into appropriate environment throughout the wet season only.

Hamerkop expands to concerning 47.5-50 centimeters long, evaluating from 415- 470 g. The Hammerkop has an all brownish body, thick square crest, long, level, somewhat addicted costs, a short tail, substantial wings, black legs and partly webbed feet.

Its diet consists of frogs, tadpoles, fish and invertebrates. The types is recognized for constructing significant nests from sticks in a tree fork near water. The female lays 3-7 whitish eggs, as well as both parents aid with the incubation as well as treatment of the young.

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