animals that start with h: Hoatzin


The Hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin), also referred to as the Hoactzin, Canje, or Stinkbird is an uncommon crested bird discovered in South The U.S.A.. It stays in swamps, wetlands and mangrove of the Amazon.com and also the Orinoco delta in South The U.S.A..

The bird’s top tuft is brown significant with white, while its under body is reddish-brown. Hoatzin has a blue face lacking in feathers, maroon eyes, huge wings and also long black tail. It has a tiny head covered by a spiky, Rufous crest.

Grownups expand to regarding 61-66 centimeters or 24-26 in lengthy and also weigh around 816 grams. Hoatzins are herbivore pets, its diet includes plants, blossoms, and also fruits.

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