animals that start with h: hoiho


The Hoiho (Megadyptes antipodes) is the rarest penguin worldwide and also is just discovered in New Zealand. They are discovered on New Zealand’s South Island living in woodlands as well as scrublands. Throughout breeding season, they resolve about Campbell Islands, South Island, Stewart as well as Auckland.

Hoiho is a medium-sized penguin with light yellow eyes, yellow band of shade around their heads, grey-blue back, and white on the front.

The chin and throat are brownish-black and brilliant pink webbed feet. They grow to around 60– 68 centimeters and evaluate concerning 5-6 kg. Hoiho feed upon tiny fish such as; opal fish, red cod, sprat and also squid.

Unlike various other penguins that reside in groups, Hoiho choose to live alone. They nest off on their own. Hoiho go back to their nest websites most evenings.

They can live to be over Twenty Years old and also will typically stick with the exact same companion for life. It is endangered and protected.

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