animals that start with h: huemul


The Huemul falls under the deer household that is composed 2 endangered Andean varieties, generally known as huemuls and also taruca. They are endemic to southern Argentina and also Chile.

These animals stay in thick timbers as well as shrubs at high elevations in the summer. During the winter season, residences, relocate down the mountains and resolve in protected forested valleys that have a great supply of water. Their key diet plan includes grass, shrubs and also plants.

The Huemul has a sturdy, thick, as well as short-legged body. It has short, rugged, brown hair. It has a big black nose, small eyes, and also big ears lined with white hair.

Men grow to about 140– 175 cm long, around 80– 90 centimeters tall and also consider 40– 100 kg. It has a life-span of approximately One Decade, nonetheless, they get on the threatened list because 1976.

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