12 Fascinating Animals That Start With Letter I And Their Features

Nature in itself is quite fascinating. There are so many creatures that we have seen or probably heard about. Each time we hear a new name, we are astonished because we never thought that they existed.

However, there are some species we are familiar with, but we do not know much about them. Perhaps, they live around us, but we have little or no information about them. We simply put them into one category of animals.

Animals That Start With I

In this piece, we will be digging deep into some special kinds of animals. But we would be particular with animals with names that begin with the letter I.

1. Indri

animals that start with i : Indri
source: Alexhyde.Photoshelter.com

A diurnal tree is a dwelling place for the indri. It can be found in the mountainous forests of Madagascar. The indri is enormous. Its fur is black and silky.

It is characterized by some white patches on its legs, lower back, and neck region. An adult Indri develops regularly in head and body length.

It does not weigh much. It has greenish eyes which are strikingly large. It has long and sturdy legs, round ears and a tail which is a few meters long.

2. Inchworms

animals that start with i : Inchworms
source: wisegeek.com

Inchworms are described as pests. They have hairless bodies which are smooth but comes in different colors. Although they are small, they can cause a great damage on plants and branches.

While adult females are wingless, adult males have brownish-gray front wings. Adult moth lay eggs once in a year.

They can be likened to measuring worms, spanworms, and cankerworms. They belong to the Geometridae species. They can be found in North America.

3. Isopod

animals that start with i : Isopod
source: en.Wikipedia.org

The Isopods are inhabitants of water. They can be arranged into a round form. Studies show that they were in existence centuries before the evolution of man. They belong to the noble family of crabs.

4. Ibisbill

animals that start with i : Ibisbill
source: birdguides.com

This is a type of bird characterized by a black face, and a stomach with white features. Its legs are short and red, and a breast hich is blackish with a band on it.

To find its food source, it searches through caves and places with rich water supply. They have a diet that ranges from small fish to other aquatic animals. The mature ones grow rapidly.

5. Iriomote Cat

animals that start with i : Iriomote Cat
source: Imgur.com

This species of cat is an endangered one with features such as a brownish body, black spots at various points in its body, marks around its ears and hairs around its tail.

The diet of this cat includes small mammals, insects, fish, reptiles, and birds. They hide in tree cavities during the day and come out to hunt at dusk. The tails are average in length.

The adult males also have heights which are usually average. The Iriomote cat is a very rare animal found only on the Japanese island of Iriomote.

6. Iguana

animals that start with i : Iguana
source: pixabay.com

Iguana is reptiles whose characteristics include it’s strong legs and a tail. It has many shades of colors. Iguana has an excellent sight that makes them visualize objects clearly at long distances. It also aids them in searching for food.

Female Iguana hatch an incredible number of eggs at the same time. After that, it hides them in the ground. They feed mainly on herbs, fruits, smaller animals, and insects.

Their preys include snakes and even people. This type of lizard is found in South and Central America and the Caribbean, also.

7. Indian Rhinoceros

animals that start with i : Indian Rhinoceros
source: pixabay.com

This species of animal is also known as the Unihorned Rhinoceros. It has features such as a silver-brown body with little hair on it. It has one horn also. The females are smaller than the male. They are usually very tall.

The males have necks which are thick with folds. Although their sight is appalling, Indian Rhinos have a good sense of smell, sound. They can swim very well as well.

They are equally smart and know how to change direction. Sourcing for food is not an issue to them as they do it excellently. They feed on fruits, leaves and other animals.

They eat only in the mornings and evenings. The Indian Rhinoceros is a large herbivorous animal found in Nepal and India.

8. Impala

animals that start with i : Impala
source: pixabay.com

Impala features include a brownish fur with stripes in the eye region which shines along with the black marks around the ears. The Impala is very fast. It can run and jump through long distances.

They equally move in large groups. They can be likened to antelopes with unique features. They are inhabitants of the eastern and southern parts of Africa. They utilize most of their on the fields searching for fruits.

9. Ibises

animals that start with i : Ibises
source: toateanimalele.ro

They can be seen in various colors, although, most ibises have mostly whitish heads. They are a species of birds with curvy and long features.

A large variety of them can be found making nests around them. Continuous growth is one of their features. Ibises move in groups moving through muds, lakes, and lagoons for their food.

10. Icterine Warbler

animals that start with i :Icterine Warbler
source: Pinterest.com

These are birds which are inhabitants of forest, parks and other open places. This type of bird is usually long and has an average weight. Its male and female species have the same colors.

It has a head which is green: a bill which is long and brownish; the legs are blue, the backs are equally brownish green. Also, the eyes are brown. This bird keeps only one partner.

However, it looks for a new partner when the old one dies. It feeds on insects often. This bird can be found in southwest Siberia and France.

11. Indian Pangolin

animals that start with i :Indian Pangolin
source: http://animalfacts-pictures.blogspot.co.id

This is a nocturnal animal which inhabits on trees. It is characterized by a thick tail, brown skin, a tongue which is long, small head, eyes, and ears. Its skin is large with sharp scales and claws. They are bereft of any teeth.

Hence, they much their food with their stomach. They grow in length and increase in weight regularly. They feed on insects. They can be found in forests and grasslands of India and Sri Lanka.

12. Irukandji

animals that start with i : Irukandji
source: Pinterest.com

The Irukandji is the most poisonous animal in the world. It is a jellyfish that belongs to box jellyfish species. The Irukandji became famous due to the death of swimmers in recent years.

It can be found in Northern Australian waters. In diameter, it is 2.5 centimeters. On its bell, are singers and tentacles. With such a length, it becomes a herculean task to detect the Irukandji in water.

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