10 Spectacular Animals That Start with the Letter J

You know that J is the tenth letter in the alphabet, how about you mention the animals that start with the letter J? Because there are so many animals living in this world with the different name.

Animals that Start with J

To know further the spectacular animals that we found in the letter J with their details and fact, you may look at this list below.

1. Jabiru

animals that start with j : Jabiru
source: commongroundaustralia.com

Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus is the scientific name of this black-necked stork. This bird is the only species that found in Australia known with their beautiful brown and dark green neck colour.

Considered as the biggest stork living, the size of them is about 1-meter height. They live in swamps and rivers to prey on fish, molluscs, and amphibians.

2. Jackdaw

animals that start with j : Jackdaw
source: www.pinterest.com

This bird’s scientific name called Corvus Monedula is the bird that lives in village, town, and wood found in the area of Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

They are the tiniest species among the types of crows, the length only about 30 centimetres and around 200 grams of their weight. This omnivorous bird consumes invertebrates, insects, seed and fruits.

3. Jaguar

animals that start with j : Jaguar
source: www.pinterest.com

Panthera onca (scientific name) is the carnivore mammal in the family Felidae. They are mostly found in the forest of Central America.

They have around 50 until 90 kilograms of their weight and 60 to 70 tall with the recognizable black dots on yellow-based features on their body.

Prey on other animals such as foxes, anacondas, birds, monkey, caiman, and turtles in the evening. Jaguar is the solitary mammal that can live to 20 years in the wild. Sadly, this big cat is endangered!

4. Jackal

animals that start with j : Jackal
source: Animalcorner.co.uk

Jackal is the type of dogs that found in Europe and Africa. You may found this animal in Asia too but only the golden type ones. They live in the savannas and dessert.

There are 3 types of them which are Canis aureus, Canis adustus and also the Canis mesomelas. The size of a jackal is about 9- centimetres of length and around 13 kilograms of their weight.

This omnivorous animal usually hunts in the evening searching for rats, lamp, reptiles, or plants. To make their hunt easier the special features of this animal are the sharp teeth and long strong big legs.

5. Jellyfish

animals that start with j : Jellyfish
source: Animals.howStuffworks.com

Jellyfish or Medusozoa is the aquatic animal that eats fish lives in the fresh water. The biggest type of jellyfish called Lion’s Mane Jellyfish about more than 1 meter and can live to 12 months.

Some types of jellyfish can glow in the dark and clone themselves! Of course, this creature only has a glossy body with no brain, heart, bone, or even eyes.

The group of jellyfish is mainly called throng or flower. This invertebrate use their poisonous tentacles to self-defence from predators and also to find food. Did you know their mouth is in the centre of their head?

6. Jerboa

animals that start with j : Jerboa
source: mnc.com

Jerboa or Jaculus is the desert rats that only have two legs to jump to 3 meters with their group. They are most likely live in the warm area in Africa and Asia.

This rodent has various types including Lasser Egyptian Jerboa that can live around 34 days and Baluchistan pygmy Jerboa live around 40 days.

The size of this rat is about 5 to 10 centimetres long and 20 centimetres long of their tail. This nocturnal animal consumes seed, plants, and small insects. Did you know that Jerboa does not drink water? Wow.

7. Japanese Beetle

animals that start with j : Japanese Beetle
source: offthegridnews.com

Japanese Bettle or Popillia japonica, like the name, this beetle found in Japan. They have a green body with slightly brownish wings and white fur on their back also the size around 15 millimetres.

Most of them live around gardens and timberlands. They can live up to 2 years in the wild, however, mainly they are only live around 30 to 40 days only!

The female beetle will produce eggs every 2 until 3 days, they also can have around 60 eggs!

Although they are considered as harmful beetle, in Japan this beetle considered as pests and in America, they are considered as ornamental in the plants.

8. Jackrabbit

animals that start with j : Jackrabbit
source: Rapidcityjournal.com

Do you think jackrabbit are bunnies? No, they are not bunnies. They are considered as hares which the bigger version with longer ears of rabbits.

They are originally from North America practically in the grassland, meadow, and desert. Just like a rabbit, this herbivore mammal consumes leaves, branches, and bark at night since they are the nocturnal animal.

The size of this animal is about 60 centimetres long and can reach 4 kilograms of their weight. They can live up to 5 years in the forest.

Did you know that Jackrabbit considered as a pest because of their ability to destroy plants are fast?

9. Jumping Spider

animals that start with j: jumping spider Salticidae
source: filckr.com

This jumping spider or Saliticidae live in the desert, lands, forest, and mountain. Their special ability is that they can jump 50 times of their body, they also have 4 great sight eyes in the front and four legs.

This spider is size about 20 millimetres and has the hairy body with short legs but a strong body with vibrant coloured. They are good hunters and prey on insects.

They can live to over 12 years. Did you know that jumping spiders do not trap their victim using their web? Nonetheless, they use their jump ability to catch them!

10. Japanese Chin

animals that start with j: Japanese Chin
source: Vetstreet.com

Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel, just like the name, this dog is originally from Japan but some sources says that it actually from China.

The size of this small dog is about 20 centimetres long with around 2 to 7 kilograms of weights, rumours say this dog was used to breed as small as possible.

This dog is very common as the lapdog with intelligent and loyal personalities. There are various colours depends on their types such as black, orange, or red.

This dog can live to more than 10 years. Did you know that this dog is the type of royalty dog that love to spin? How cute!

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