animals that start with j : Jackrabbit


A common mistaken belief is that jackrabbits are bunnies, yet the reality is they are really hares. Hares are bigger compared to rabbits, having longer ears and also taller hind legs.

There are five well-known varieties of jackrabbits scattered throughout central and also western North America. These hares are found in grasslands, woodlands, meadows and also deserts.

They are shy but fast-moving pets with one types, the European Brown Hare, is capable of sprinting up to 72 km/h. Adult s can get to 60 cm in height as well as evaluate in between 1.4 to 4 kg.

Jackrabbits are herbivores and eat lawns, leaves, branches, natural herbs, as well as bark. In their natural environment, jackrabbits typical lifetime is from 1 to 5 years.

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