animals that start with j : Jellyfish


Jellyfish (jellies or sea jellies) typically refers to members of the phylum Ctenophora, which are fish-eating animals found in every ocean. Nonetheless, some hydrozoan jellyfish is additionally located in fresh water.

Numerous kinds of jellyfish are tape-recorded, some a couple of centimeters throughout, while the greatest known jellyfish types is the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish gauging about a meter throughout.

The adult jellyfish has a bell-shaped, soft bodies and also long, stinging, poisonous arms made use of in recording food. Jellyfish feed on fish as well as various other sea animals.

Jellyfish do not have a mind or central nerves and is 98% water. Jellyfish could live for a couple of hrs to a number of months, depending upon the species. A team of jellyfish is called a flower or a throng.

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