animals that start with j : Jerboa


Jerboas (Jaculus jaculus) are hopping desert rats belonging to the Dipodidae. Appearing like a small kangaroo, jerboas are widespread throughout warm deserts of Africa and also Asia.

There are about 25 extant varieties of jerboas including the Lesser Egyptian Jerboa and also 2 intimidated varieties namely: the Five-toed Pygmy Jerboa and also the Thick-tailed Pygmy Jerboa.

They have long, soft as well as silky hair. Jerboas measures between 5-15 centimeters long and also with a 8-25 cm long tail. These nocturnal rodents have lengthy ears, tails and also hind legs.

Jerboas spend the day in burrows as well as search for food at dusk. The diet regimen includes seed, plants and also tiny insects. This small creature can jump as for 3 m in a solitary leap.

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