10 Amazing Animals That Start with the Letter K

What is the animal that may start with the letter K? Is it kangaroo or maybe anything else?

But today, we will show you a list of 10 animals that you may not know before!

Animals That Start with K

Here are 10 amazing animals that start with the letter K!

1. Kiskadee

animals that start with k : Kiskadee
source: Beachbaby.net

Kiskadee is a bird with the scientific name called Pitangus Sulphuratus. This bird is mostly found in Texas and South America which live in woodlands.

This little bird only has around 20 centimetres long and 63 grams of the weight.

Kiskadee’s characteristics are the black and slightly white head and red strip body. This bird is an omnivorous animal that eats fruits and insects.

2. Kagu

animals that start with k : Kagu
source: Barraimaging.com.au

Rhinoceros jabatus is the scientific name of Kagu as the flightless bird.

The feature of this bird is blueish grey feathers and reddish yellow feet with the 50 centimetres long body and they also have nasal corn which is one of their special features.

Kagu is natively from New Caledonia. They’re a carnivore animal that eats mostly insects such as beetles, lizard, and worms. This animal considered as one of the endangered animals.

3. Kinkajou

animals that start with k : Kinkajou
source: animals.sandiegozoo.org

Kinkajou or Potos flavus is the type of nocturnal bear that consumes honey that is why it also called Honey Bear.

This animal is originally live in Central America and South America practically in the rainforest.

They have brown hair, sharp teeth, flexible tongue that use to get nectars, and round eyes and head also they are about 40 centimetres of their size and around 2 kilograms of their weight.

The kinkajou is also a plant eater, like flowers and fruits. Did you know that people always thought that they are the type of monkey however kinkajou is not even related to them at all?

4. Kookaburra

animals that start with k : Kookaburra
source: bushpea.com

Dacelo is the scientific name of this bird also known as kingfisher, they are natively from Australia and New Guinea.

The special characteristic of this bird is that they have the giggling voice. The other characteristic of this bird is the short neck, short legs and a chubby body.

The colour of this bird is brown in the upper part and white in underneath. Kookaburra is a meat eater, they consume insects, lizard, mice, and small birds. They can live until 20 years in the forest.

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5. Katydid

animals that start with k : Katydid
source: songsofinsects.com

Katydid’s scientific name is Tettigoniidae is the long-horned insect. This insect lives in the brush and forest, they are about more than 6,000 species.

The 250 species found in North America and they are most likely in the tropical area.

Like its name, they have longer horn than grasshoppers and the green-leaf-like wings. Katydid’s size is about 5 centimetres long.

This insect is a herbivore animal that eats leaves, flower, seeds, and bushes.

6. Koi

animals that start with k : Koi
source: animals.sandiegozoo.org

Koi or Nishikigoi is the tinted red and yellow coloured carp fish. The name itself comes from Japan.

This fish is very common because their body is very obvious and they are usually the fish for decorating the outdoor pool or ponds.

Not only red and yellow there are also blue, black, and white varieties of them. This fish is an omnivorous animal that eats lettuce, watermelon, or other vegetables.

Koi can live for over centuries. Did you know that koi can produce for more than thousand of eggs?

7. Krill

animals that start with k : Krill
source: wikipedia.org

Krill is the type of zooplankton invertebrate fish that look just like shrimp. This fish’s scientific name called Euphausiacea.

Krill can live up to 5 years with plankton and other cells of plants as their food.

Krill have a pair of antennae and bunch of pair legs in their pectoral, you may also not recognize them easily because most of them have transparent shells on their body.

They live solitary in a big amount of members. This invertebrate only weight about 1 gram and 6 centimetres long.

Krill is one of the victims of shark, seabird, and squid. This creature can live to more than 10 years.

Did you know even though they are herbivore they may eat each other too?

8. Kouprey

animals that start with k : Kouprey
source: animals.realisticcoloringpages.com

The hoofed mammal called kouprey also called Bos sauveli lives in woodland and solid soil that originally from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.

This animal is about 2 meters height and 900 kilograms weight. Typical kouprey has a bulge in their back and baggy skin.

They also have a pair of a strong horn on their head, short ears, and a short tail.

Kouprey is the herbivore animal that mostly consumes grass in the yard. Due to the changing environment, this animal is considered as endangering or decreasing species.

9. Kakapo

animals that start with k : Kakapo
source: nzbirdsonline.org.nz

This flightless bird that also called Strigops habroptila is the only type of nocturnal parrot. This bird found in New Zealand.

The size of this parrot is about 60 centimetres long and have around 4 kilograms weight.

The characteristics of this bird are the green feathers on their body, brownish black colour around the eyes, a grey beak, short legs, and short wings.

This Aves is the herbivore bird that consumes fruits, leaf, stems, seeds, and plants even fungi. Since kakapo has low fertility this animal is endangered.

10. Kudu

animals that start with k : Kudu
source: Pinterest.com

Kudu is the animal with a pair of long spiral horns in their head, they are originally from Africa.

There are two kinds of kudu, the first type called Tragelaphus imberbis or Lesser Kudu which has the size is about 60 until 90 kilograms with 1.7 meter of the length and they prefer to live in the forest or bushlands area while the second type called Tragelaphus strepsiceros or Greater Kudu which has the size around 190 to 270 kilograms with around 2 meters length and prefer to live in the savannas.

The characteristic of this animal is that they have white thin stripes in their greyish brown body.

Kudu can live to 8 years in the forest with leaves, fruits, and roots as their food.

Did you know their brown body is their self-defence they will hide and blend with the surroundings when the predators approach them?

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