Bos sauveli

animals that start with k : Kouprey


Kouprey (Bos sauveli), is a wild ungulate discovered in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia as well as Thailand. It stays in open rolling hills, dry denser gale woodland.

The adult males grow to concerning 2 m in elevation and also typical 900 kg in weight. Kouprey has a big body with a bulge on the back as well as hanging loosened skin in the neck.

It has long horns, long legs, vast nose as well as short ears. Males are black while females are gray. Kouprey is diurnal as well as its major diet regimen is lawn. Inning accordance with the 2008 IUCN report, the kouprey is seriously jeopardized.

Kouprey’s populace in the wild is estimated to be around 250 people. The decreasing number is due generally to unchecked searching as well as loss of environment.

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