animals that start with k : Kagu


The Kagu (Rhynochetos jubatus), is a flightless bird, forest-dwelling bird native to New Caledonia. The size of a poultry (about 55 cm) long, this crested bird has a bluish-gray tuft, orange bill and also brilliant red legs.

One unique feature of Kagu is its ‘nasal corns’, a distinct structure covering its nostrils. Kagu’s excellent eye vision and the ability to stall on the ground help this carnivorous bird to capture victim.

Its diet regimen consists of snails, annelid worms, vermins, lizards, crawlers, insects beetles and also insects. Kagus are virginal breeders, building its nest on the ground and also laying a solitary egg.

Due to habitat loss and also hunting, the Kagu is currently a threatened bird types with about 250-1000 birds spotted in the wild.

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