10 Amazing Animals that Start with the Letter L

There are so many animals in this world, can you mention the animals that start with the letter L? Is one of them is Lion?

Animals that Start with the Letter L

To find out more about them, here are 10 animals that start with the letter L! We provide you with the list of animals that you may never hear before!

1. Langur

animals that start with l : langur
source: elelur.com

Langur is one of the adorable looking monkey, the scientific name of this monkey is known as Semnopithecus.

You can find this animal in Srilanka, India, Nepal, and Tibet. Their habitats are in the swamp and in the timberland.

They have grey and brown colour in their slim body, they also have thick brows. The height of this monkey is about 2 feet high and the weight is about 10 kilograms. Langurs usually eat leaves, grain and fruit.

2. Lemmings

animals that start with l : Lemmings
source: keywordsuggest.org

Lemming is a rodent that lives in the near of arctic with the scientific name called Lemmini. This mammalian is about 15 centimetres long and their small body is about 30 until 112 grams.

Their characteristics are thick soft brown fur, short legs, and they also have a short tail. Lemmings are herbivore animals that eat leaves, roots, and grasses. This animal can live until 3 years.

3. Limpkin

animals that start with l : Limpkin
source: fsuornithology.files.wordpress.com

Limpkin also known as carrao or crying bird with the scientific name of Aramus guarauna lives in Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and Northern Argentina.

Their feathers are brownish with white dots also they have wide wings, long necks, and thin legs. The height is about 70 centimetres and the weight is about 1 kilogram. They consume snails, frog, and bugs.

4. Lilac-breasted Roller

animals that start with l : Lilac-breasted Roller
source: buzzkenya.com

The scientific name of Lilac-breasted roller is known as Coracius Caudatus. Lilac-breasted roller lives in Savannas and woodland. You may find them in sub-Saharan Africa.

This bird has wide wings and they are really good at flying, they can zoom in 10 meters upwards and backwards while flying at a fast speed.

The characteristics of this bird are that they have a colourful head as green and pink-ish with orange accent, they also have a short neck, as what you see in their name they have lilac breasted, they have brown eyes, green and blue belly, short tail, and yellow legs.

Their size is about 36 centimetres and the weight is about 100 grams. Their prey is insects and small reptiles also they eat small amphibians.

5. Loris

animals that start with l : Loris
source: TechGape.com

Loris is the adorable primate mammal that originally from Southeast Asia. The scientific name of this animal is Lorisinae. There are 3 types of loris which are slow down loris, slim loris, and pygmy loris.

Loris has grey fur, mask on their face, rounded ears, the large eyes, and slim body. Since this primate is nocturnal, they spend their day sleeping and active at night to find food.

They usually eat insects, fruit, birds, and small amphibians. Loris can live until more than 25 years. Unfortunately, one of the loris types which is pygmy is now decreasing due to the environment changes.

6. Lionfish

animals that start with l : Lionfish
source: Phys.org

Pterois is the scientific name of Lionfish. This fish originally from Pacific and Indian seas.

You may recognize this fish because of their red and white strip, their body is huge but flat, even though they look cute this fish is actually poison on their sharp fin.

The length of this fish is about 30 until 38 centimetres and have around 1 kilograms weight. They prey on fish, shrimp, and crabs. They also can live for 15 years. Attention, do not touch the lionfish they are extremely poison!

7. Leonberger

animals that start with l : Leonberger
source: wikipedia.org

Like its name, the name of this giant dog is from Germany, particularly Leonberg.

Leonberger is a huge dog with strong muscle, they have thick fur of golden brown to yellow colour on their body except their face is covered with black fur.

Their eyes are brown and their nose is big and black. This loyal and loving breed dog can live until 9 years and they are about 65 until 80 centimetres height while their weight is about 35 until 50 kilograms.

They are well-known as an intelligent and affectionate dog.

8. Lorikeet

animals that start with l : Lorikeet
source: http://aboutpetlife.com

Lorikeet’s scientific name is Loriini. This bird is in the Psittaculidae family. They are arboreal parrots found in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Lorikeet has the special tongue to get nectars from flowers, however, they also prey on tiny bugs and they also eat fruits. This parrot has beautiful colourful feathers like blue, green, and yellow.

The size of this parrots is around 150 to 400 millimetres. Lorikeet can live until 9 years old. Did you know that lorikeet can imitate human voice too?

9. Lynx

animals that start with l : Lynx
source: ThingLink.com

The scientific name of this cat is also lynx, their habitats are in the forest of Europe, Canada, Asia and America. Lynx cat is a carnivore mammal animal that has a short neck, whiskers, big paws, and short tail.

The height of the lynx can reach into 80 until 100 centimetres and their weights around 10 until 20 kilograms. There are 4 kinds of species of this cat which are the Eurasian lynx, Canada lynx, Iberian lynx, and Bobcat.

Each of the species has different size, however, the biggest high of lynx is in the Eurasian species. Fun fact about this cat is that the name “lynx” is actually derived from Greek means shine.

10. Least Weasel

animals that start with l : Least Weasel
source: bobhowdeshell.com

Least Weasel is the smallest of their genus of Mustela and the family of Mustelidae. Their habitats are in the grassland and woodland of Europe, Asia, Canada, America and Africa.

This small creature has about 16 until 24 centimetres long and their weight is about 35 until 250 grams.

The characteristic of this animal is that they have red brown-ish hair and white fur on their belly, they also are a slim body, small head, short ears, and also short legs and arms.

They are very good at hunting, they prey on bunnies, moles, birds and poultry but they also eat eggs and mice.

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