Lilac-breasted Roller

animals that start with l : Lilac-breasted Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller

Marvel at how these quick leaflets do their act. With massive wings and also powerful flight, Lilac-breast roller can zoom 10 meters upwards and afterwards with shut wings stroked down at a really quick speed.

Lilac-breast rollers inhabit open timberlands, savannahs, as well as temperate grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa. It has large green head, pinkish-orange face, short neck, whitish chin, and also lilac breast.

Also, it has brownish eyes, black costs, greenish blue belly, short tail and brief yellow-colored legs. Adults typical 36 centimeters long and also weigh 100 g. Lilac-breasted roller’s diet regimen includes beetles, grasshoppers, scorpions, lizards and small amphibians.

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