animals that start with l : Loris


The funny – looking Loris is a small arboreal primate located in dense forests of Southeast Asia. There are 3 extant varieties of loris specifically: Slow down loris (Nycticebus cougang), Slim loris (Loris tardigradus) as well as the Pygmy loris (N. pygmaeus).

Lorises have thick gray hair, a masked face, rounded ears, large eyes, and slender limbs. A nocturnal primate, lorises spend the day sleeping as well as quest for food at night.

Its diet consists of fruits, birds, tiny amphibians as well as insects. Depending upon the varieties, lorises average from 17-38 centimeters.

Lorises have a lifetime of concerning 25 years or more. Nonetheless, the pygmy loris is noted as a threatened species as a result of environment loss.

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