15 Amazing Animals That Start With Letter M

There are so many animals exist in this world with so many different names each one of them. In here, we provide you with the list of animals that start with the letter M.

They are not the just regular animal but they are amazing!

List Of Animals Names Starting With M

What makes them amazing? To know further about it, take a look into the list below!

1. Macaroni Penguin

animals that start with m: Macaroni Penguin
source: Oceanwide-expeditions.com

This is not the ordinary penguin related to macaroni, this penguin spends their time in the cold area around the Sub-Antartic. T

his macaroni type of penguin is the largest kind among their species, they are about 70 centimetres height.

Their special characteristic is the yellow hat in their head (macaroni) and they also have a red beak.

Just like the other penguin, this type of penguin is also carnivore that hunts the animal around the waters with their beak.

The only predators to them are leopard seals, killer whales, and sharks.

2. Macaw

animals that start with m: Macaw
source: http://exoticbirdhospital.com

Macaw is the beautiful colourful parrots from Central and Southern America. This large size parrot can live up to 30 years.

There are more than 10 types of macaw found in the rainforest of Southern America, the general features of this parrots are the strong beak, four toes, and the vibrant colours of their feathers such as blue, yellow, and red.

Did you know this decreasing parrot is monogamous who only breed with the same partner in their entire life?

3. Magellanic Penguin

animals that start with m: Magellanic Penguin
source: http://otlibrary.com

Magellanic Penguin is the type of bird natively from South America. The size of this penguin is that they have more than 70 centimetres height.

To distinguish this penguin, the characteristic is that they have circle black in their front body. Just like other penguins, this penguin is a carnivorous animal but mostly find food under water.

Unfortunately, this penguin is endangered due to the oil-spread in their habitats. How sad?

4. Maggot

animals that start with m: Maggot
source: thesun.co.uk

Flies usually find the place to lay their eggs on food, their eggs called maggots. Maggot is the larvae of flies that stay on the decomposed food or garbage.

This creature eats the food near them and waits until they can grow bigger to be pupa then flies.

5. Magpie

animals that start with m: Magpie
source: dreamicus.com

Magpie is the eye-catching bird that lives in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. It is eye-catching because they have dark blue and black and vibrant white spot.

They are about 50 centimetres long but the size of their wings is bigger than the body. Although their wings are quite big, they do not travel far from their nest.

Magpie usually breed in the warm weather like spring, they also have around 8 eggs to lay on their big nest in the tree.

This bird is the omnivorous animal that consumes fruits, seeds, insects, reptiles, and small mammals. Did you know that Magpie is the prey of dogs, foxes, and cats?

6. Maine Coon

animals that start with m: Maine Coon
source: demilked.com

Maine coon is the type of cat that originally from Canada and Maine, America. The size of this cat is about 1-meter length and about 5 to 8 kilograms of weight.

The characteristics of this cat are the thick fur, however, not all of the Maine coon has thick fluffy hair one of the species from Europe has short hair.

Not only one of the animal that very approachable to people, but they also smart and very have good hunting skill. Did you know that the myth says this cat in the early beginning is the breed from racoon and feline?

7. Malayan Civet

animals that start with m: Malayan Civet
source: wikipedia.org

Malayan civet is the carnivore animal that originally from Malaysia peninsula.

This type of civet is one of the different species among others civet because they have dark black and grey hair, most likely found in the rainforest area.

This civet is endangered because of the loss and decreasing of their natural habitats.

8. Malayan Tiger

animals that start with m: Malayan Tiger
source: http://tigers4kids.weebly.com

Malayan tiger lives in Malaysia and Thailand. This tiger and Sumatra Tiger are one of the smallest types of tigers.

Just like the other tigers, they are the meat eaters and hunt goats, deer, and cattle. Sadly, this type of tiger is endangered due to the loss of their environment.

9. Maltese

animals that start with m: Maltese
source: Vetstreet.com

You may know this dog as pooch, mongrel, cur, bitzer, feist, or canine. Just like its name, Maltese means “from Malta”.

The special characteristic of this dog is their anti-hair fall and soft silky hair.

This type of dog is usually used to breed the other types, that’s why it’s hard to differentiate one another.

10. Manatee

animals that start with m: Manatee
source: animalesraros.mx

Manatee or sea cows is the aquatic herbivore mammal. The features of this animal are their large bulk, however, they are one of the elegant swimmers.

There are three kinds of manatee which are the Amazonian manatee that lives in the Amazon, the other that live in Florida, and also manatee that live in Brazil.

11. Mandrill

animals that start with m: Mandrill
source: wikipedia.org

Mandrill is the baboon from Cercopithecidae family. This baboon discovered in the part of Africa. They live in the grassland and tropical jungle.

Madrill has the coloured nose and brownish black colour of their body. They are the omnivorous animal that eats seeds, nuts, berry, bugs, and tiny mammals.

12. Mangabey

animals that start with m: Mangabey
source: flickr.com

Mangabey is one of the decreasing population among others monkey. They have a different colour in every type of them like brown, grey, black, or golden brown.

They live most of the time in the big trees to find food and jumping around.

13. Manta Ray

animals that start with m: Manta Ray
source: divetrip.com

Manta ray is the largest type of ray. The size of this ray is about 7 meters of length and have around 1,600 kilograms of weight!

This type of ray can swim very quickly and jump out of the water as well. They have grey, blue, and brown colour on their body.

14. Mantella Frog

animals that start with m: Mantella Frog
source: news.mongabay.com

Mantella is a frog that found in Madagascar. They have vibrant colours like blue, yellow, or oranges with black dots.

Their bright colour is to protect them from predators because the bright colour actually means poison.

15. Marbled Salamander

animals that start with m: Marbled Salamander
source: Pinterest.com

This salamander is the type of amphibia nocturnal animal. This salamander has small body about only 10 centimeters and they also have black skin so that no creature found them actively in the dark.

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