animals that start with m: Magpie


The magpie is a little to tool sized bird that is located around the world. The magpie is most very closely pertaining to the crow, but the magpie has very appreciable black and also white plumes that make magpies very easy to spot.

There are thought to be about 15 different varieties of magpie spread across Europe, Asia and components of Australia and also Africa. The magpie is usually around 50 centimeters long with a slightly bigger wingspan, although the exact size of the magpie hinges on the magpie species.

In China as well as Korea, the magpie is viewed as an icon of good luck as well as good luck. In the UK nevertheless, one magpie is stated leading misbehave luck and also seeing two readies luck (one for grief, 2 for happiness).

The European magpie additionally has the infamous track record for taking as well as tucking away shiny objects. It has been known for magpies to be drawn in to girls jewelry, together with plastics and even the windscreen wipers from vehicles. The magpie will commonly take the remarkable things is has found as well as accumulate them in it’s nest.

Magpies mate permanently as well as mating partners are typically together for their whole lives. Magpies mate in the springtime time when the weather starts to get warmer and also construct huge nests in the trees.

The female magpie lays up to 8 eggs (generally around 5), which are a remarkably tiny dimension in comparison to the dimension of the magpie itself. The magpie chicks hatch out of their eggs after an incubation period of around 3 weeks, and also the magpie chicks are generally able to fly when they are between 3 and also 4 weeks old.

Magpies are noted to be extremely intelligent birds and are frequently able to feeling approaching risk relatively quickly. Magpies are understood to be dominant and curious birds but are reasonably deceptive when they feel they are in threat.

Magpies are additionally recognized to imitate the phone calls of various other birds and have actually fully capitalized on brand-new food sources developed by the visibility of human beings.

Despite their huge wings, magpies are not particularly crazy about lengthy trips and also tend to stay close to cover. Magpies hide in trees as well as thick bushes to conceal from predators as well as to capture their target.

Magpies are omnivorous birds and eat a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, pests, eggs and small mammals and reptiles. Magpies have a variety of predators within their native environment including dogs, foxes and also cats.

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